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Oh six Hello and welcome. To NewsHour, live from the BBC World Service in London with me Rebecca. Kes- be in a moment will be heading straight to there's Imbaba Ian capital Harare for, the latest on those breaking news reports of the results, and the response to that and later in the program the amazing rescue of a man who survived for more. Than three days on an exposed mountain in New Zealand cyber. Dehydrated code definitely wasn't jumping around glad to see us and you. Know, he was struggling. A little bit at that point again lucky we. Go I'm not night, was definitely on the daily tasks the job. From self. That, law He can only, do so much for, so long More on that succumb. And Osama bin Laden's mother gives her first, interview we'll speak to the reporter who met her but let's begin as we have throughout this week. With Zimbabwe at an. Historic moment for the country very late last night the incumbent Ebba, Emerson mnangagwa's of Zanu PF was declared the winner, but by the narrowest of. Margins just fifty point, eight percent of the vote he's tweeted this morning urging Zimbabweans to unite behind the result saying, that this is a new beginning for the country but his political rival Nelson Chamisa of the. MDC has described the vote as unverified and fake. He, says he plans to mount a legal challenge well we are, expecting a press conference held by Mr. Chamisa imminently and we're going to. Go to that as soon as it begins already, we can see a riot police have. Gathered outside and we're watching. Developments there very. Closely we'll go to the moment we get it But first let's go straight. To the BBC's Andrew Harding who's there in the, capital Harare Andrew thanks for joining us. What are we expecting Mr.. Timmy's to say Well it's a strange atmosphere here I am at the, press, conference which, is at a hotel near the city center, and within the last hour as you, say riot police turned. Up in force and started manhandling journalists and A. Tense. Standoff began and, journalists course wondering why earth we were being targeted then some government officials turned up and said no it's all been a terrible mistake we thought this was just an MDC political meeting and. That's not okay so sort of I suppose a reminder of the battle days here where a political meeting by your position was seen as a threat as something to send the riot police to and that, clearly hasn't changed the one gets the sense of a bit of a tug of, war going on right now within the government and the security forces over how to respond to the opposition? And, their criticism of this election do they leave them alone and allow them to protest. To, go to the course or do they send the heavies in the the riot police and try and use the familiar old tactics yes an, you and our, other colleagues in Zimbabwe have been reporting quite a strange mood In Harare today very few people out on the streets is that still the case It is I. Mean the city's not ghost town but most businesses have boarded up. And very open people are. Concerned that there will be a repetition of Wednesday's violence you've got to remember here there, is a sort of muscle memory if you like all the Tara that the police the security. Forces inspire their quick almost instincts to beats to lock up to. Hurt the population any civilians who. Are challenging Zanu PF, the government script on power so people are wary that worries? Glad. The election's over, but they are not clear yet what's going to happen next. Okay as I mentioned we are waiting for that press conference due to be held we think by Nelson Chamisa and we will go to at the moment we get, it stay with us for a moment Andrew because just before we came on air we managed to get through to ten diabetes who. Is a senior member of the MDC. Alliance is also a former Finance minister and he gave me his reaction to the announcement of the result last night The, results of the normal myth medico county never mind against the mix is wrong Claims Amazon that he has won by fifty. Point eight that means that you said five thousand votes fro more Iran of scenario the anomalies we, have picked go beyond this in, the place him squarely in are no food scenario, but even before you go there if. He has said that on his own narrative. You one fifty percent of the vote it means that. Fifty percent of Zimbabweans rejected so it's quite clear that, this is a contested election it's quite clear that, he's. Illegitimate. Just, a dog's breakfast but when which many dogs. Won't touch by long Mike okay well I'm sure many people. May agree with that your your country is at a pivotal moment in its history it, has the option now to go forward, and to try and build a legitimate democracy which would include having a functioning opposition which is. There to hold the government, of the? Day to, account and to grow in numbers and to challenge the? Government isn't it the job the duty of the MDC to get on with that Job now and provide an, opposition that? The country, can turn to if it doesn't like whoever's in power Don't blame the. Victims don't play say, the obligation national building on the victims their obligation of nation building is on everyone so those of chaos. Those bishops of Cao's does end up Renault's of was what created this, situation must have slipped. That day there's a big value a bigger than power in the grabbing of it. And that's in Babylon let's put people in pick their people will. So that we can. All move forward you, cannot, years continue stealing license, every election with independence been contested. That's not good enough the difficulty I suppose though is that whatever happens it. Was a very close vote now those against you are, going to accuse the MDC of being bad. Losers we have by far the biggest lanes in this country. The people, that are speak speak for themselves they've put the streets that is not the behavior. Of people that one I one hour This kind of would it be done by joyous since. There's not, a single person So that tells you that? This is the result? Inconsistent with? Sentiment of the people what about the demonstrators are what, are you saying your supporters should they, come out onto the streets and demand this or you advising people to stay calm No no we went we went restraint we storm we went to peace we. Don't want people to be short so we exercising restraint. We you know we love Caesar but we love ROY, Moore so we exercising the strain that was Tendai Biti. From the MDC alliance being just a short time ago calling for restraint but obviously there. Are tensions still there in the capital Andrew Harding, is still there and was listening. To that get us up, to speed Andrew with? Another development? Today and that's the findings of the largest independent observers, report on what happened with the election Yeah, this is, Essen these Zimabwe, electro support network a group. Of NGOs you have done a survey you like they've been to seven hundred and fifty polling stations selected to try and. Represent the whole of the country and their findings are. That Zach the official electoral commissions results roving reflect what, they're finding so yes Emerson Mnangagwa appears to have one. And he appears to have one within a margin of error roughly what Zack has announced We've just lost the line there to Andrew but let me reassure you we will be going back to. This story, later in the program we're going to hear from a constitutional lawyer and of course that's at. Press conference if it happens For the. Second time..

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