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You got for your stuff? I've got their atone Jason. It's a maker of software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data the company's main product, they self described operating system called a II, where other programs airing the advertisers, media companies and police departments. Baritone was founded in 2014 when public 2017 at $15 a share The ticker is the first four letters of the name the E R. I now baritone shares have been volatile this year. In March, they fell to a record low of a dollar 22 in the next three months, they rose more than 16 fold. Then they gave back most to gain the past two days. Brought another reversal. Baritone rose yesterday by 8% after winning two sub contracts from the U. S Air Force the awards involved using a II, where toe process images taken from planes. Baritones subcontracts only total $1.3 million. Yet northwards Securities raised the possibility today that there may be a bigger phase as they put it ahead for the company North and recommends buying the stock and many investors were doing just that baritone rose another 15.5%, and that was the stocks biggest gain and more than two months. Lula. All right. All right. Dave Wilson. Thank you. So much has been so fun. Vinyl over the weekend, looking forward to all your insights next week, and especially those songs. Good week of songs. Well, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, More Tom Petty curating. Exactly lovely. Yeah, exactly. Can't wait for the September list. It should be. It'll be coming out before too long, right? Right? And the next week because I'm off the following week way doing still figured it out. Okay, if you need some advice, or some ideas, just kind of just goingto. Okay. Carol's full of ideas. All right. Thank you so much. Let's get Ted Baxter now. I'm sorry. Let's get to Denise Pellegrini..

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