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When it comes to the education system in Yada Yada, we just had a wonderful conversation full of a variety of different topics so. You enjoy this episode and also listen to the other episodes if you feel more called to just get a deeper understanding on the old soul and the different types or basically also lay the groundwork for Ainsley McLeod's very expansive divine work. Then again, leaving a link to the other episodes in the show notes in chronological order for you. All right. I'm keeping this interest short but a quick shot to some me's who left raving five-star reviews and I read them so beyond grateful. One by T core one by Rod harani one by Pablo a Scorpion one by carly rerun one by Emma one, eight, one, eight, one, one by the man underscore toto and there's Karma Star. There's Paki Jay? This is pure love Danielle's underscores so so many and everybody that's leaving raving reviews. Thank you so much truly means the world and it helps podcasts out more than you know to keep her going. You know sponsors, they really care about and whatever else what other opportunities. Decide to come our way and other guests. Guess look at that as well. So you really Have you guys are the ones that definitely.

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