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I really am looking forward to the French dips knowledge. Do you want to share the Limerick? All right, then. Here we go, well Masters music and here's Todd Fritz with his master's limerick. Augusta in November to treat No gallery, So just take a seat. Azaleas, not in bloom, but no Juman gloom. Think Tiger Woods can repeat, all right? I'm going thumbs up. Thank you. I don't know why the Augusta got a little more emphasis there, but I'm going to give you the thumbs up. Thumbs up with that. If thumbs up means you were entertained by it. Yeah, Okay. Yeah. Now you should say no patrons. They don't have a gallery there. Patron. Now, I would take off points if this was a grade, but I said pass fail. All right. Make love in You. Okay With this to start Get French dip. No, he just stole my gun. Seen O'Connor. Wasn't even paying attention. Okay, That's a Noah's well to knows one. Yes, Paulie. So if Todd doesn't get French dip, we get his sandwich. Yeah, and Sean's not here, either. So we get even more French to man. This guy Prince he hasn't eaten a meal is all. Actually, as far as I know, there's not even a meal this week, neither breakfast or lunch. That would be the first thing I ate that around the I'm gonna say Yeah, I just saw the guy, Could he? Oh, I know it sucks, but I'm going to say yes. You already got him a mountain Dew pie today. I'm just going to get a sandwich baseball before I could eat that. That green tea That was lame, But I'm gonna give you I don't want to take away a sandwich from anybody. It's nicely, you know, See, there's something just so perfectly Todd Fritz that he came up with a master's Limerick. Yeah, because nobody was asking for one. We didn't even go boy wonder why nobody's ever had a limerick about the Masters. Yes, Yes, he tied it. Can I ask a question at what point did you come up with like that? It hit your brain that you're like, You know what? I'm gonna do A master's limerick today. Is that like in the ride here like to the studios around 7 30 this morning I had everything that I wanted to get ready for the show. Whatever prep and and the guests were lined up everything. I had a window. I looked over the wires and with a new stories were and what you did prep work a little bit. What I would you were here. You were done by seven third week effort. Okay. And then I'm like, you know what? I wanna do something masters related. I do. Look, the mock headlines in the SportsCenter dude stuff, but this time I'm gonna do. Ah, You wanna do a poem? Try and limit. Um And he's already sent me. Thanksgiving Day sports related news. Has already that Has already sent the morning sign, you know, signal and I should say, warning signal that he's going to be coming up with Thanksgiving 12 days away. Now I know, I know. Knows every Thanksgiving sports team shirt that the scene This T shirt is epic. By the way, we will have the calendar for sale. We're gonna have it up on the website. This is in time for the holidays. I'll have it for you later today. Go to Dan patrick dot com. Everybody, uh, way sold thousands of these calendars last year, and we've done it again this year with the.

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