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Its scott boris how about its i'm just telling you that there's a there's a big issue going on in baseball right now the owners hate him i was reading this morning these the remaining free agents and the bigname ones that i mean all than the big name ones mushtaq is jd martinez jake arrieta hawes marine greg holland what is the one thing they have in common scott border agent i gotta who's trying to get just god's in god's of money for guys that owns on why shell out you know why he has to do that because no longer can you right off the agents fees and get your taxes of them just all at all that it is one big giant owner right now we're all getting screwed we're now a uniting must but anyway so the next while they also they they trade for moody i rights agha on in their trade from oda i liked the as far as i'm concerned here's the thing in my personal opinion what is the hardest position in the nba to master i'm going to say point guard it is it is why is that because the point guard ultimately as the quarterback of the team when he is on the court he asks do beef fearless he asked the be smart he has to have i cue we got to have ballhandling skills he's got to be able to play at least a modicum of defense and and you got to have long arms you've got to be tall the short point guards very rarely ever make it see isaiah thomas of basically got sacked by by of lebron james yes whole thing so i like the fact that god perry was aggressive bringing in yet another point guard so they got four point guards right now trade burke his cup of coffee he looked great oh my god now all of a sudden we're going to go bringing another guy look at the end of the day you can have enough for these guys you've got to find one or two of them that you can count on media forward and maybe the youth with moody a and with nearly kina is going to work out well for the next in years come i dunno in just because he had a double double as night doesn't mean anything but he was word but what i want to see is i.

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