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We would have covered it. All the intensity was there. The usa mexico rivalry feels like it's back. It's been a while since we had a game that intense between these two teams. We've seen a lot of friendly's between them. Recently and frankly a lot of mexico dominance in the big games so aside from the intensity the turning point i mean there's so much narrative so much build up with this team. It felt like a lot of pay off. I know for a lot of fans but really everything in the game from the fast start incredible. Finish the heroics ethan horvath. I don't think there's a storyline that this game didn't have really hurt. Yeah i agree when you talk about birth. I say get them dan. Goodness me can't even dress properly interesting about the quality that necessarily that high from aside. But you're right just from an entertainment value. It had it all it really did have it all. Maybe the play wasn't there tactically. Technically it wasn't a great spectacle but when you talk about the drama we talk about intense moments when you talk about. What is usa versus mexico. I mean it's the eighth final that these teams have met and only the second time that the us has beaten mexico in a final. It was a big moment especially when you consider the. Us didn't particularly play well tactically. They probably got a lot of things. Wrong the three-man. Back line the three centrebacks and two of the center of our flanking and john brooks had an awful day player selection and a lot of different spots a costa yunus. Mussa playing tyler adams not being ready when you say all this and how poorly they played three of your european stars the youngest players your actual stars jewelry know weston mckennie and christian pulisic scored goals. You're starting goalkeeper. Leaves injured zach steph. Forbath comes in the substitute at the death. Out off penalty kick save the dramatics. Were going everywhere. We can come and we can talk about mexico and what they didn't do this. Final really felt big and it really had it all. Of course i'm gonna tell you. And i don't want to overstate it. I don't want to hype things up. I can't remember watching a game and enjoying it as much as i did this when four hundred long time you know me very well then i don't love many things. No savvy. salazar's. One of them. I do not love. He knows that very well. I love this game. Yeah i really really did from the very first minute to the last minute. I cannot remember a game that kept my attention. The way this game did it was it was back and forth in had absolutely completely everything and he had narratives everywhere rhetoric everywhere. It was good individual performance bad individual performances. Good coaching decision bag coaching decision. Good defending bad defending and you can go from both teams. You can say good. Usa usa good mexico bad mexico. It was all over the place any because it had all of this. I think the ultimate. I xe commission point to this game was the referee when he went to. Va gone so that it was a penalty the full screen and going at the biggest grin. You can come.

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