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Weather news radio seven hundred W. L. W. Cincinnati changing plans cancelling plans and more with the five o'clock report I'm Jack crumbly breaking now another slew of canceled events today as Ohio state along with local leaders are working to stem the spread of coronavirus so it does not overwhelm the health care system however next week's Ohio primary election is still on so this is a great opportunity with early voting for people have the opportunity to go vote I'll pick a time of the day it might not be as many people for holding this election is right that we do so shin portent for our country to move forward Ohio governor Mike DeWine encouraging people to take advantage of early voting there is a new call though for poll workers as those who have agreed to work who have medical conditions are not going to be able to work that day the governor today announced a plan to ban large gatherings of one hundred people are more he says that starting at the end of the day this coming Monday also schools in Ohio K. through twelve are going to be on an extended spring break for three weeks well said all highlands is this will not last forever this is temporary everything we're doing is temporary we will get back to normal in Ohio it's not gonna be done overnight but we we will following the cancellation of the Findlay market opening day parade that came out last night also this morning the Cincinnati St Patrick's day parade was called off this morning Major League Baseball today has canceled spring training and also pushed back opening day by at least two weeks other sports organizations have suspended plans as well details on that coming up in sports now the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic center offering the only level for maternal care facility in Cincinnati UC Medical Center provides the highest level of care for pregnant and postpartum.

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