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Dogs and drones looking for the missing nine Jing Metzler fox news near the famed New Orleans French Quarter one person is dead at least two people unaccounted for after a large section of the hard rock hotel under construction for months collapsed one floor on top of the other bringing much of the building down twenty people injured nineteen in the hospital as for the missing remember in the building they're unaccounted for New Orleans EMS lieutenant Jonathan Fourcade initially three people were reported missing but one of them has been located in the hospital among the injured the nearby area evacuated including of theater where Broadway touring companies performed at the scene Louisiana's governor John bel Edwards for another hour voters casting ballots in that state's open primary election president trump in Lake Charles Louisiana last night urging his supporters to vote for either of the two Republicans running against the popular Democrat if Edwards gets fifty percent of the vote he avoids a November runoff appealing to evangelicals at the values voter summit under way in the nation's capital and they still like president trump who touted his record of appointing anti abortion conservative judges he went after the radical left claiming they are using the IRS against him and he brought up the I word impeachment says he's horrified that could happen he wants his lawyers to sue house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff even if we lose the American public will understand well maybe it news now this John Conway Conway services did you pay a big repair bill.

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