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Listen to this show one time and you're hannitized. Sean Hannity is back on the radio. I think this meeting and the revelations about it are a game changer in the investigation because they present the first evidence of actual collusion. What Mr. Trump did yesterday was to betray the women and men of the FBI the CIA NSA and others to betray the American public. And that's why I use the term that this is nothing short of treasonous direct collusion. Collusion's been established. It's out in the open. Right. We know this all took place in the whole notion there being no collusion. This is the biggest diversion of Trump crowd that was Kuzin. So this picture that the president is so desperate to avoid this picture of collusion begins to fill. That's interesting here is it's both on one hand very damning because it's collusion. And you see it there in. It's collusion. Collision is obvious. A criminal conspiracy is unknown. Exclusion implant site, there were the back and forth between various individuals who are -ffiliated. With the Trump campaign and Russian individuals that collusion, I think is quite obvious and apparent like political hurricane is out there and see for him. We'll call it. Hurricane bladder. Murphy will hold Russian thing. This is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. All right. Twenty five now til the top of the hour. Yes. The thing is is we can run an overtime. We'll run ours. As of this type of coverage guilt by accusation. No due process. No, presumption presumption of innocence. It's all part of where do we go from here holding a media that is corrupt abusively biased that have betrayed the American people on a level that we've never seen and even more importantly, a powerful figures in the intelligence community, the Justice department, high ranking upper-echelon FBI, not rank and file the efforts that they were all engaged in. We we do know they never cared that Bernie had the primary rigged we now know that the criminal investigation into Hillary Rodham Clinton, as I went through in great detail, but the help of our friend Greg Jarrett all of the crimes that now need to finally be investigated properly. And I trust me nobody in this audience, whatever get away with the leading thirty three thousand emails cleaning, your hard drive beating up your devices. It wouldn't happen you'd be indicted, and you probably found guilty. We have the Fiso warrant application that we now know was unverified -able presented as the bulk of information and the FIS applications on four separate occasions and all of those that signed off on it. Including Jim Komi in October two thousand sixteen and that yet in January twenty seventeen went to Trump Tower and said, and it's not verified and salacious. Well, that's not what they would telling the Pfizer court judges as they committed fraud by omission, not telling the court that Hillary had paid for it and selectively putting in those things and only those things that would seem damning to any objective judge. But not telling the judge that they couldn't and didn't verify the information and the dossier. No judge would have. Well, I'll use Andrew McCabe words. No dossier. No Fiso warrant his words. Not mine. I've been going through a list of people on this program. You know, we don't do the show in a vacuum every day. And you know, obviously everybody on the Hannity team. Here has been amazing day of helped every step of the way in the research that we. We need every day to for two years telling you a very different story, and we have emerged with conclusive and incontrovertible evidence. But then it's John Solomon and Byron York can look at Greg Jarrett's bestselling book, the Russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump is a reason it went number one, Sarah Carter, David shown J secular Rudy Giuliani. Kim strassel of the journal Sydney Powell, Andy McCarthy know, Victor Davis Hanson, Dan, Bongino, Dc McAllister rush. Mark Levin, Mollie Hemingway. Monica, Crowley meadows. Jordan, Jeff, Lord Keri. Pickett Luke Rosiak. Peter schweitzer. And Lindsey Graham. I mean, he did a good job as well. And and will now take this to the next step in the Senate. The big question is where do we go from here and the author of that number one bestseller the Russia hoax? Gregg Jarrett is with us. Also, David shown has been incredibly insightful, and brilliant and sends incredibly insightful notes behind the scenes that helped daily criminal defense. Civil liberties attorney thank you both for being with us. You know, I said on the air guys. You know, everyone wanted me to spike the football yesterday. I don't feel like spiking the football. Because I think we came very very close. And if we don't fix it. We will be there, and that is to an attempted coup undoing of a duly elected president Greg Jarrett and literally fixing going election. You know, it's going to take a long time for credibility and integrity. Not just in our institutions that we used to revere like the department of Justice in the FBI, but. In the media at large. He these I have never in my lifetime. I'm sixty three years old. I have never seen such agreed use media malpractice, as we're seeing in the age of Trump, the media suspended any sense or semblance of fairness the abandoned objectivity they became advocates who've hate against Trump. And in the process, they utterly squandered their credibility, which is by the way, they're only currency in. It is no wonder the poll after poll shows that Americans do not trust or believe just about anything. The media says I look we're going to hold and we actually fun. We, you know with Sweet Sixteen time, but we put our brackets than the New York Post at brackets about the most corrupt media personalities that said the most outrageous thing, but it was like a case of group think Dave. David. And you know, here we wore we really did have evidence that in fact, they rigged an investigation to keep alive the candidate of their choosing. When any other American would go to jail that's a dual system of Justice. That is not equal Justice under the law that has not equal application of our laws. We now need to start there. And we need to go after all of those people that help rig that investigation and came to an exoneration before the investigation began then Pfizer. And then the lies that have been told repeatedly and the attempt to use of phony Clinton bought and paid for Russian dossier put together by a foreign agent that she paid for then use to remove a sitting president and put the country through two years of hell and division in the process. David. Yeah. Listen, you know, you said it before you decided not despite the football. Exactly, right. Somebody wanted really to be right in this case in a sense, but fro the kudos. She gave everyone else. You deserve it number one. And this is not an advertising, I'm gonna say this to everybody listening into those who should be listening. If you have fourteen fifteen million listeners every day, you should have one hundred and fourteen or fifteen million listeners told the truth, and nobody else was willing to tell you provide the forum for everyone to put in their facts. They knew a part of this team. And so on Linda provided the forum that deserves the credible credits and everyone in this country should be thankful because you've exposed something. Terrible far as where we go from here. Greg gonna have to write the sequel because Greg predicted in his book where exactly why there could not have been wasn't obstruction of Justice, and we expose so many of these things that are bad. We the story is still be written. I'm sorry to tell you Mr. Hannity, your work is just beginning once again because there's so much still to be uncovered the you started uncovered, and you will now completely uncover and expose. All of these things we don't know where it's gonna go with Hillary Clinton and all of these people who were behind Mr. Brennan now. I mean, what can you imagine? I must I must have had bad information. They still has a job as far as I know today at whatever I guess conspiracy. TV MSNBC unbelievable. I'm really unbelievable. And it's completely unamerican. What's happened here? And as far as whether we've learned a lesson he accused the president unequivocally of treason, president was accused of treason numerous times by these people using the promoter of his former office is the head of intelligence heard up for a person to get involved with politics, political agenda like that. But listen you ask where we're going from here. Look at what Nadler has done Buca. What these folks are saying you're trying to pick on any word to open it up. You wanna talk about impeachment where Muller found clearly no collusion based on a team that wanted to find collusion. No matter what. But instead Nadler has picked two people in berry brook is in as his so called investigators or already determined road one hundred six. Thirty eight page article that President Trump is guilty of obstruction of Justice investigation. And when they pick people like motor pick for his team, they diminish our system of Justice in the world is we're supposed to be a leader of government of men are government of laws and not of men and women this diminishes principal. We're a beacon of light around the world, they're gonna tear that Sunder if they keep on his political agenda to stymie, the president, no matter what when it comes to policy by attacking attacking attacking. All right. Quick break. We'll come back. We'll continue with Gregg Jarrett, David shown on the other side. All right. Have you ever wished you knew more about how politics our constitution work? Wow. Not teaching it in school in government schools, for example. Can you explain the differences between capitalism and socialism big debate in the country right now, if you wish you knew more about American history. Well, I have some good news. It's never ever too late to learn. We should all be lifelong learners, no.

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