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Everybody else is going to be set up for vocational program which is what Germany does does that what he wants to do. I don't think so no no he wants to meaningless to basically say it ought to be free for everybody and if not free somebody's got to pick up the TAB Ford again back to the colleges you gotta say to the University. She's a colleges you gotta be part of the effort mean look what Mitch Daniels has done a purdue the for last five years. It's don't know tuition increase and the reason of former governor former over governor of Indiana President Purdue College. How did he do that? How did he do it? quit spending money you spend less money charges students less I mean that's the problem and and he's certainly an engineering school. It's so much easier. I guess to do that but you've got to put pressure on the colleges as well because it all otherwise all you're doing thing is driving more demand in the system with limited supply and even more on like me understands. That's going to drive up prices beyond the rate of inflation what else I wanNA talk about. Pell grants then because a full pell grant used to pay for like ninety percent of a public. I'm talking about a public college education and now pays for like thirty percent so I'm just talking about these kids. You're right the Minerva Foundation yeah you're the head is is about reforming higher education not no but it's a bar is it yes a quicken dramatically different students much different kind of an experience. Yes we use a fair amount modern technology but the most important thing is when you start off and it's easier when you in the beginning for existing institutions. It's very difficult. He just no cost to put into the system unless as you can justify it from the standpoint of quality when it's not full of Adjunct Faculty we're hiring full-time high quality factly to do it but there's no real pressure right right now on those schools and I think there needs to be I'm not against trying to make a better effort to help young people to be able to afford to go where where Chrissy increase in spending going going to frivolous things are going to a beautiful beautiful student union is going to won't let me ask you this. If you WANNA learn something I guess every now and then you do you find yourself saying but something I'd like to know right. How do you uh what are you doing? What do you do you do you go to some building was a classroom and wait for an adult to show up and walk in the front room and teach us something no the problem that's an outdated model and were locked into it? You propose at an any higher education environment and they go crazy. They think you're talking about mooks mooks and an online education they'd be. It's very difficult to get into a conversation about using and oftentimes. It's very low cost you. You've got very low cost offerings out there that would enable a student to get an hour faster been cheaper way and it then you're left with with the responsibility of teaching these young people how to think anyway. We're way off into that. I no no no no no this is important. Conversation is really important the by the way by the way L. The other thing is for for liberals I don't know where you get the money unless you become people like myself and say hey bob. You're seventy six right now. You look at how we're spending money money at the federal level. We're GONNA spend eighty billion dollars this year over last on people over the age of sixty five and they won't be needed to bake. It's mandated in the in the programs for for eligible beneficiaries about social security medicare medicare and Medicaid and long-term care for Medicare and you propose any changes in those programs then you think you're gonNA be proposing seniors. Go foraging in the alley for food are there are some seniors. That's what they live on and I've I. I look I'm I'm for increasing amount of money that goes to the low income seniors. I'm for making a change to the working poor women who stayed at home get some Kinda back with him in this there are things you can do to make the program fair from the bottom up but Mike God you. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about is you remember in the in the famous budget of nineteen ninety-three Clinton's budget of nineteen ninety-three the most all right. What was the most controversial thing in that budget was supposedly raising taxes on taxing the breast of your social security benefits above a certain amount a certain amount and that was we weren't going after low income people title it was on and the response was I'm just getting back out what I paid any Baloney? You're getting a lot more back out in the European it. We have to be able eleven honest conversation with the elderly in America to say if you really care about your kids and your grandkids now if you don't maybe we'll just strike that from Roy Tabula sorry but if you really care about him you have to look at how we're allocating federal money and have not fair to young people the original deal when social security it was passed the average life expectancy was sixty five. Oh the original deals a thousand dollars and tax we tax like forty nine million people on behalf of two hundred thousand beneficiaries the original deal and then every two years after the Second World War we greatly expanded the program including in the early seventies when then when Wilbur Mills wanted the United States he pushed to twenty percent and you look at the the increases in in an annual increases in that program and it's startling seventy eighty percent in one thousand nine hundred twenty percent nineteen seventy twenty percent nineteen seventy-one forcing Nixon to accept the cola now. We're on the slippery slope of the program win when it's become an enormous especially as 401k's of replace defined benefit. It's become a really important part of our retirement program not I'm not I'm not talking about replacing it at all as I said I'd make it more generous for lower income but we need to have an honest conversation. I think that's very important again. This is not my typical podcast but you have a wide ranging mind obviously and also are not an expert on any except nine say on education but so leave that you were on the nine eleven commission. Yeah you're not okay okay I got a few questions about nine eleven and the commission okay or not the commission but what the commission discovered I've always wondered about Kondia Rice and a a couple things first of all the bin Laden Determined to strike in us. That was another memo right right. Look I think the environment at that time. was you know this isn't that we're not really that afraid of al Qaeda I mean we all the way back to ninety three you know Ramzi Yousef is a nephew of Kelly Shekh Muhammad so many tried to knock down the World Trade Center in Nineteen ninety-three but I wanNA ask about Condie Condoleeza Rice yes. She said we had never envisioned. Airplanes being used as weapons but as as I recall there was some kind of like g seven or g whatever they had then meeting in Genoa of a a year or so before where they got Bush out of there because they had been warned that there might be planes winds coming in and crashing into the is this part of the report. That's in the report right so if that's the case. How is it possible that she did not know? This was potentially this. She said we did not know so again. I think altogether too easy to do say okay. Now we know they knocked down the World Trade Centre with no they killed three thousand people. We know they got that done. How's it possible possible? I I see a plane in a previous memo. They're going to attack. I mean you're seeing these metrics. In a previous mammal. They got the president out of their understand but I think her her statement that nobody could have imagined as a little broad but there wasn't a general conversation going on about this I mean we didn't we the national security adviser. Everyone's going like you know what we're going to move the president but look because we're worried about plans coming in you. Have a few people in the public were having conversations about Bin Laden al Qaeda in the nineteen nineties but it wasn't regarded. It should have been regarded. We're wasn't just Condoleeza Rice main one of the most important things we did in the nine eleven commission was we we said we're not gonNA minority reports or dissenting views. We're GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA you know I can attack Bill Clinton and not gonNA attack George Bush there. There was a failure across the board and as a consequence we were enormously vulnerable and was she apart yes but was Bill Clinton apart of it and and all the other yes yes sir. All apart was part of it. I was on the Intelligence Committee at the time as well. I wasn't out there beating the drums I so all the things all the documents you're talking about and I didn't put it all together. Arrive Carrying Damn you damn you Bob Carey my God that is so pathetic attic I y you you had a red meat thing. You thought we were going to get down in the mud wrestle so anyway. Thanks a lot it's all I can say okay now. You talked about them hitting the World Trade Center Ninety three so this is another thing. That's been bothering me for a while. Giuliani put the Crisis Response Center in the World Trade Center my right. That's correct. Why would you do that if terrorists had tried to take down the World Trade Center? Why would you put the the Crisis Response Center in what you know is one of their targets remember they they? They didn't take down the World Trade Center. I understand that they tried well but the presumption was the chairman of my board at the new school John Tishman. You'd ask him before nine. Eleven is a possible bring that building down by hit number two planes. He'd say absolutely not so. It wasn't like we were sitting there saying we better move everything as far away from the World Trade Center quite the opposite it appeared to be of an almost an invulnerable talk it. That's what made it so shocking collapse yeah yeah okay so oh two planes will go in there and then the crisis center will continue to do their job now thought yeah no I made. I did not envision. The two points is what you're saying. They didn't even with two planes. They didn't invasion to planet didn't envision that was possibility the two planes hitting the World Trade Center would cause structural damage it would bring that building down not even the the guy who built that building thought that was possible member the movie titanic it was a big big movie. Remember that on the bow singing the song yeah or their King of the world right and that they go the dinner with the fancy people right and the designer of the ship is there of titanic and Somebody Buddy makes a toast to him because he is built the unsinkable ship you remember the scene they toast to the unsinkable bullshit to the single shift congratulations. You've built the unsinkable ship okay so now later in the damn movie they hit the iceberg the designer of the ship the guy who's built the unsinkable. I'm shipping goes to the captain. You remember this and he explains. It's GonNa sink because it's going to go into this compartment in this compartment Rogo think and and the captain doesn't go remember.

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