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Host. Katie Weber publisher of the Red Lotus letter function easy for wealth each week all cover funkaway topics that can help you improve your life. Sure inspiring stories and always end with three easy to implement funkaway tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes. Now let's get started on the five minutes that could your life. Hello funkaway listener. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your listening in today in every week. if you've been listening for a while It's been A lot of fun to do these podcasts and to share some time with you and get your feedback. I love hearing from you. And if you are listening to five minute functionally note. I love love love to hear from. You really makes my day when I hear from somebody that you know. The layer learned something in a podcast or they heard something they hadn't heard before really makes my day so shoot me note. I'll be sure to answer back because it means a lot to me that you're listening. It means a lot to me that you take time to write so Give me a shout love to hear from you. Let's talk today about the color. Purple is a color of wealth and wealth in a variety of forms. Let's talk about how important this is in terms of functionality. Now we all know. Purple is a potent color. I mean in every society. Purple has held a special place and special meaning. It was said that Leonardo Da Vinci believed that meditating in a lavender or purple colored light was improved by factor of ten and purple has long been associated with wealth nobility stature religion piety even magic and sexuality there is a saying that which is door is often colored purple and And I don't know that I believe that but I do think that purple does convey a lot of messages to the to the to the I you know. Purple is a mixture. It's a mixture of that soothing. Calm blue with a boisterous energetic. Read that makes it. The most balanced color purple is associated and long been associated with royalty it symbolizes that power and nobility but also luxury and ambition. It Conveys Wealth and extravagance purple is also associated with wisdom in dignity independence creativity mystery and magic and in fact some seventy five percent of small children. Choose purple over every other color in that amazing A Fun fact about purple is that Cleopatra. It was her favorite color and has continued to be a color that's been associated with royalty or high honor like the Purple Heart awarded to American soldiers who were wounded or killed in war so obviously purple is very special color. It's also true in functions way In function there's one color that is suitable for any corner of your house in that color is purple. Purple is the color associated with any of the directions as a beneficial color. You can even say. It's the FUNKAWAY BEIGE. That's actually that's something. I coined. I've called purple a functionary base for a long time. But you know purple isn't always the easiest colored live with so if you have strong feelings about purple. It's it's probably better not to use it but if you think you're space will look strange with purple. Just maybe avoid purple but there's a lot of range when it comes to purple purple is Can Go from the PALEST lightest lavender. All the way to the deepest darkest inky hist Auber gene of a deep eggplant right This is a color that has a lot of life in it. So there's a lot of ways that you can use. It doesn't all have to be that that purple dinosaur that we all know when we think of Purple Purple doesn't have to be that grape jelly or the great bubblegum. You know purple really is a great wealth color. It is a color that goes so well with wealth and success. Both you think that they're different but there are you think that they're the same right wealth and success but they're actually very different well is actual accumulation of money and assets. Were a success is the ability to use those assets. Have you ever thought of it that way? Success is could be defined as when you can take whatever you want by whatever car you lie can afford the expensive clothes or the Nice hotels that kind of thing. That's success wealth is different than success. Isn't that interesting to think about that? That success is the manifestation of wealth whereas wealth is the accumulation of assets. I love to look at those fine points in functionally. I never had thought of them That way and always kind of lump them all into the same bucket. Sorta like money. Money was all in the same bucket. But there's different types of money to and Like for instance. There's income right salary the money you get in your check career From your salary from your job but there's also wealth that could be something maybe an inheritance it could be Your 401k your investments real estate holding stocks bonds all those kinds of things those are assets right that so there's a completely different types of money but it's still it's still a form of of wealth To have a job to have an income and to have assets but they're distinct ones. Think it's really important to understand those just like having wealth and having success also very different so when it comes to generating wealth chee so whether that's income or wealth assets or success. The obviously the you know the NICE CLOTHES FANCY CARS. That kind of thing forever. You want to have that extra energy no matter where that is purplish color but it is a stimulating color so it's not always a great idea to have purple in a bathroom or kitchen or even a bedroom you could use some Pale. Shades are little bits of purple but not too strong because remember. It is a combination of blue and red red is very stimulating. I think there's a saying it's a Chinese say Mayor Mayor Happiness Purple. You know something like that. And it means it's a blending a harmony of two distinct Two distinct elements fire and water. That's success and income. See see how that works. I love that I think that's such a great Distinction to know so. Let's talk about the wealth that purple can bring you. There is the wealth of recognition. Purple is an excellent color to add in the south sector of your home or living room office. This is the fame sector. This is the success and social Renown and sector. This is recognition sector in particular. It's really good if you're in a sort of a power position like if you're the principal or an owner of a business. Purple is definitely a power color so attitude a south wall for added. Prestige or to further your ambitions for fame Purple will help you get recognized. Just think about that Movie Stars they're hounded for their autographs because they have achieved a level of success that gives them recognition. Recognition is a great type of or a type of of success. Now purple also can help you.

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