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For that? Yeah, it's not like I'm like, oh, no. I'm not mad at that song either. So it was interesting scenario, but yeah, that song I got a lot of I got a love on that song, so I'm still super thankful for that. Didn't didn't bug me too bad. You know, you're talking about you didn't want to be artists, but you're actually good artist like you. I know I've heard you sing. You can't say that I've set aside, you heard you sing be also said me and Krista Stephanos. So there's a, there's a chasm there, like if it's a hit, I'm super comfortable senior because it's like, how bad can it be? It's people are no it I would never. I never moved to town in like, went and auditioned. My, you know, like presented my songs in that way. I'll always preferred to present on demo where you could hear them. This is what it should sound like. You know what I mean? It wasn't like a guitar around and play. The song couldn't convey it well enough. So in the last few years I've gotten more comfortable playing around and trying to sing a little more just because I care less because the people know the songs done. Freak me out as much. Were you in the gifted classes? A kid. I was a little bit for for a not for everything. I don't know anything about science or history, but creative writing. I was in that there was like something in new young. Yeah, there's something something there were can maybe think quicker or something. I mean, no genius level, anything like that. But yeah, there was a definitely a creative, but I was always like turning in stores and poems, and you know, right. Sketches of stuff. I felt because I was a gifted kid meaning they took me at first grade and said, okay, you have something. We're going to put you in a different class and you're gonna learn differently. We had that for the school of and so I was put in that all through my school and I didn't really know why was quick whatever that gift is. But I started to think as an adult that that really shaped my confidence, meaning that sense. I was put in the gifted program. I felt as if I was gifted, meaning, if I wasn't really gifted input in the gifted program, I would still gifted and there would have been that motivation, the desired prove people, right? The feeling that I do and I, I wonder what kids that if we found what they were gifted at? Yes, because I believe we have some Suns, eight talent ability something about us, and we assigned some gift, whatever that is, and assign that to them and say, well, you really special in this air. It isn't investment time investment. Oh, absolutely. I mean, as a parent, that's what my wife and I right now just trying to figure out what what is the passion? What is that thing? Like you said, you know, and some some people's gifts are louder than others. So they stand up, but it may be something that you gotta dig for like, oh, this is what your your passion is your calling. So confidence comes. Yeah, and it's tough because everybody doesn't have you know you may have wanted to do this since you were five. And I was, you know, DJ and parties in MTV junkie from ten years old on, you know, just love music knew that knew I was going to do something in that with that if at all possible. But everybody have that. So that's, you know, it just depends. Like my kids are not all my daughter's into music a little bit. The other two are not really, you know, don't play anything. So that's a, that's a whole other thing we've got to face when doesn't necessarily wanna do what you wanna do and it's like, okay, what do you wanna do? What are you? What are you passionate about? What do you do when nobody's we're not being attention class? What are you scribbling? You know, what is it going on in your head? So definitely finding finding kits, passionate and trying to figure out a way to. Cultivate that is like paramount for us. I think there's something to that thinking back at myself that they told me I was special, so freaking believed it. Yeah, and I believe maybe I wasn't and believed I will myself because my belief into it, right. They gave the gave me an independent study just because the choir teacher, a music teacher was like, maybe you could study if you're writing songs and making these tracks. I was doing this stuff, nobody understood and it was literally, they stuck in a room and like, oh, you can hang out in there for an hour day. They didn't know what it was, but I felt so cool. Like, whoa, I need to do something. I'm here for an hour. They've given this to me, so I would. I would go learn to play piano or I would listen to songs and try to figure out how to run the equivalent of protons or whatever. Now you know. So yeah, anytime you get just get award in school or put, like you said in this class. Oh, you can do this. Then they're definitely is like, okay, then I need to do that. I can do that. I think we're, we're, we all have something special Ed. Definitely something special. Where'd you grow up? Danville, Kentucky about three, three, three hours from here. So Nashville wasn't super foreign to you as far as the geography part of, right, right. I mean, compared to Nashville was huge, biggest town in the world to any anybody in my in my little town. It's right in the middle Kentucky. So you know. No malls or anything like that, but ovulation. You know populace. I don't even know not not get all kind of like a pass through town, but there was center colleges there. So there's one college there. Which really good school. But they basically like when I knew I wanted to music, I was going to New York LA Atlanta or Nashville. And I was like, I mean, Nashville Wales scary, three hours home. If the, you know five to run home for anything girl's date news. Now, my wife was at UK and Kentucky, so it was going to be Nashville after that. I had plans like, okay, maybe I'll go into different stuff. Maybe moved l. after that or whatever. But I just fell in love with with nationals like the right size, big town. You know, did you feel when you got here that you could do it or take a second? Oh man like everything at once. Kind of like you come here and I'm like, this is impossible, but I still feel like I'm going to do it. I'm just not going to take no for an answer. So I've always had that that kind of naive, confidence like, yeah, I'm gonna do this. It's just going to happen really have a plan b. and I didn't know if it was going to be publishing writing or producing or playing or Jiang, or whatever, the whatever the was going to end up being. But I, I really never thought maybe I should look into something. Else also went to Belmont and had a business degree and learned the industry overall felt confident I can do something in this business. I'm gonna make it up at this guy doing everything and just trying to learn it all never know. Anybody's got believe good. That's the story of my life, and I try to do it all and not because I want to do it all. But because when everything else comes crashing down xactly they can just go, I can ride another. Yeah, I do a radio show. Yeah, it's more fallback and also I didn't know you could until I moved here until I was ready here. I didn't realize you could get a gig. Just writing for a polish that would actually shop your songs for you and that you didn't have to be a great singer or even instrumentalists. You know that that was even a thing staff songwriter. So soon as I figure that out, I was like, all right, this is the, this is what I want. I want this job. I'll talk about sleep number for one second. I do this show from my house and in my house, all my furniture. 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