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Because you got Todd Gurley at an extreme discount, which is going to half dividend. So I like it. I'm not really in favor of it to be honest. I think that the combination of both of those playing the same exact position on the same exact team. You could make the argument that if Tagro is great. But then you just wasted a six round pick. I mean, that's still eight truly valuable pick then something happens girly, then we're hoping Durell Henderson can fill in and be very good. And we're hoping Terrell. Henderson is also the only person we remember, they have Malcolm Brown and some other players there that obviously doesn't sounds appealing. But I mean, this is a pure hypothetical here just on relying that Darryl Henderson's going to be the man. Not only that, we have maybe one of the worst outcomes, which is that they completely eat into each other shares and target really is giving seventy percent of his work load from the previous year. But it's not you know it's not great. He's clearly a starter. But then again wasted as the sixth round pick. I think it's too much of an investment on the same position. Maybe if we saw this happen a lot with Atlanta when Tevin Coleman was getting drafted as the two right in. He was. Had some good years, but it's still always seem like heaven. Coleman was too highly rated he needed. Devante Freeman injury to maybe a breakout candidate. And even when that happened he wasn't actually really a breakout candidate. I feel like we've got a similarity here. I think it's too much of a rich investment. I'm okay taken a risk on girly with the value. If you think that he could be getting eighty percent of the workload, and he's still going to be an Rb one. I think that's the way to go about this. I don't think drafting a unproven rookie running back behind early in the six round is a smart idea. I mean nothing nothing. You said there is wrong really. And I think the drawl Hunterston it's the six round is definitely the tougher pill to swallow out of the two and taking early in the second round, but look at it like this. I mean, the play devil's advocate, if you if you believe Todd Gurley went how the top five maybe top three pick normally normal seasons. Last year. He was like last couple years. He went into the year's top, I pick then would you trade, your second round, pick and a six round pick to get healthy Todd Gurley? I think everybody would do that ten times out of ten right? If you know Todd Gurley is going to be healthy ninety percent of what he has been at the top of his game, then I would absolutely trade. My second six round pick to get that player. So when you do that, you're, you're really banking, or hoping that you're gonna get stud Todd Gurley. And I don't think it's a terrible risk to take because the upside is so immense. Yeah. I guess that's a good point..

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