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Take him back. was seemed Acre had been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. It looked like he was out of Laudi. Spencer's life finally and forever. Is. Very, emotional. So good. So very good. Do. You feel free. Finally Free I feel like a lot of wheat has been lifted and I'm going to close this chapter and just go on with my life in a positive way. That was Lottie in two thousand twelve. She told us she had closed that chapter, but it turns out. She didn't not by a long shot. In fact within a year she had turned this story completely upside down with astonishing revelations. We sat down with her again to hear her new version of things, so did not expect to be sitting here talking to you again, no! Major turn of events. Yes, there hasn't been. It all began with a bombshell. Mr Decker and I had a consensual sexual relationship. Yes, Laudi now says in the mid nineties. She had an ongoing sexual relationship with with seemed Dacre. That he wasn't really her stocker, he was her lover. It was something she had flat out denied for seventeen years. If what you're saying is true, you lied to the district. Attorney you lied in open court to the jury. You lied to me. There are no words. To describe just Hungary more so I am. What I did was wrong. I taking one hundred percent full responsibility for what I've done. The damage I have caused this man. And his family is. There's nothing I can do to take it back nothing. LAUDI now says she lied under oath about the sex and about many of the stalking charges she'd made against Acre. Did was seem. Threaten you never life no! Did he threaten anyone's life around you know. Are you in love with what seemed Acre. No I never was in love with Mr Dacre, and you're not today. No. But Lonnie says even though she dacre were in a relationship, she still feared him, and until recently genuinely believed he was a murderer I was terrified of him. That was no lie. Those emotions were real. I've had the nightmares. I've lived in that fear. She says that fear drove her to lie to put Dacre behind bars, but the U. Four. She felt after the verdict started to sour. She couldn't stop thinking about something. Prosecutor Jesse Evans said during the trial. I learned during the closing arguments that. Carmen's lifeless body was wrapped up in five layers of betting and I was shot and I started to. Get pretty scared at that moment because I had given Carmen to blankets just before her death, they were blankets that Lodhi now says she, in Dacre had slept in together Mr Dacre use those blankets on a number of occasions mean he was welcome in my home, and we were friends, and he'd spent the night and clearly I knew that his DNA could have been on those blankets. Remember. Carmen had been found under several layers of betting. If. One of these blankets was among them. It could explain how decors hair got on Carmen's body. This isn't a baby. This is a woman who is risking perjury charges. WHO's turning against her own self interest? This is a woman who can explain this evidence. You have to take this seriously. Dr Him Piquionne, who had been a paid expert witness for Dacre continued working on the case for free in his role as director of the Idaho Innocence Project, he believed Lodhi story was a game changer. Now there's a logical explanation of how the haircut there. This is one of those places where you just have to shake the system and say wait a minute. This is so obvious. He didn't get a fair trial. I couldn't let it go. I have a conscience I have to live with me. So what he decided to come forward, and after filing several affidavits with the Court Judge Mary Staley granted dacre a hearing for a new trial. But Jesse Evans wasn't buying new story. That's because while he was preparing for decors hearing. He believed he'd found that stories real source. There's a real issue here. Something is going on behind the scenes that we weren't aware of. Coming up. Another revelation inside a prison cell four thousand pages of secrets. Do you think was seemed? Dacre is manipulating Lottie from prison..

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