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Thanks for listening everyone the wall street journal says the pentagon plans to develop two new seabased nuclear weapons to respond to russia and china's growing nuclear capabilities one of the weapons as a socalled lowyield warhead for the trident missile the plan weapons are part of a defense department review of nuclear strategy which is expected to be formally unveiled later this month let's get more details from wall street journal national security correspondent michael gordon michael first off wasn't this review commissioned by president trump not long after he took office right one of the very first things president trump did uh after taking office was to order this review and there's been a lot of anticipation about what it would say a president obama did a review but this one came to very different conclusions in certain respects and there is already an intense debate going on over this new strategy isn't there the review its formerly known as the new clear posture review and in one sense it uh there's a lot of continuity there most to the system said endorsed in the review or those that were um contemplated during the obama administration but where um it breaks new ground is in arguing for a two new systems that are designed for the more limited use of nuclear weapons uh mainly to deter the russians as mentioned one weapon as a low yield warhead why don't you go into the two new weapons well what's going on here is up the russians are uh in the eyes of the pentagon have embraced day nuclear strategy which uh integrates nuclear weapons with conventional forces in the theory is said if the russians were uh on the losing end of a conventional war they would threaten the use of uh of uh of nuclear weapons of a mediumrange uh or tactical.

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