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Nicholson? Did you hear me? How long ago was that moving to? That movie have happened. Let's see. Yeah. So this was part of it. The movie was well publicized by them. And who is the actor played that was it step, and fetch it, I don't know something like that. I can't think of his name anyway. Go ahead. Here's johnny. No not. Here's johnny. Did. You know, the the hotel was haunted. Yes. We did. We did. Okay. All right. So we went they gave us a room next door went in and doors. Locked perfectly no problems. We spent the night the next morning. My went by the door was still open on that room where we just decided to somebody else wanted to sleep there. Besides us. Oh, interesting weird. That's weird. By the way. Scott man, Carruthers was the the the black dude on the shining. That was like the maintenance do anything else after the shining. Oh, he was famous when he did that movie. He was he was an older guy that I think he might even been a vault vaudeville guy movie came out in nineteen eighty thanks to name scap Carruthers talking about right? The movie. I mean, I'm blanking. Oh, I know. Okay. Yes. I do great in the movie to he'd been in show business life. Yeah. That was a big role for him. What else did he do unless I'm looking right now vaudeville?.

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