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That's quite a quote to begin with us is worth mentioning but that's an interesting thing that godless was mentioned yet you know there's a fem with a lot of the track names having names like deliverance heaven hell god's plan miracles these are all names of songs on the album what is it about those religious ideas or themes that makes you keep returning to them i think for me a lot of the stuff on the record is about faith or belief not necessarily religious sense because i don't identify as that but it's more of a things that you believe in what turns out to be real and in fact some lyrics i wanted to talk to you about that touch on exactly from from that song heaven hell am i real if you can see right through me if i'm in a magazine is this heaven or is this hell through a silver screen you say you're watching me but i can't tell does that have to do with you as a public figure and i think it's a relationship with the idea of entertainment and authenticity is probably changed a lot since the beginning of this band but then even with that i feel like as a person as as a woman person as well like feeling we're constantly being bombarded with this information these images in your this is real honest authentic and most of the time it's not you know the internet's wonderful thing that the internet it's not real it's all about like projected things and i think it's hard win that projected as if it's like onus in truthful authentic and it's sold to you like that as we talk about this darker side of the internet i did want to talk about.

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