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Thirty five to go first half that we Rutgers ball out of this media timeout twelve twelve are score the Wildcats after turnover play I four minutes settled down a bit no turnovers over the last four minutes. They have managed to tide came after drilling. Early seven to nothing lead by Dirk part with four about these numbers. Joey it his career against Rutgers Derek party five games as sixty eight percent of his field goal attempts. He's averaged ten point two points, eight points, six rebounds, three blocks up all game. Of course, it helps that he had a game in there with eight watched shots. Rutgers. I'm hoping he missed the boss. That's about the best way to handle it. I think what I've really been impressed with north western after the turnover is how hard they're pushing the basketball Derek got the dunk because of the push in the basketball created some help. So addictive. Continue to push the bat. Don't let Rutgers defense get set. But when it did they turned it over, but pushing the basketball been a little bit of Derek part gets a breather. And a ferret Benson comes in. Also ended the ball game. As Miller top. The freshmen who started the first sixteen games came off the bench for the first time on Sunday night at Michigan had eight points and three assists four or five shots to the ball game. Yes, sir. Chom six ten junior from Senegal. He will inbound the ball. Mcconnell left wing play by tartar is back editor steal the ball from it. Now, the cats push it down. Here's turtle break down the middle Turner. Lost the a foul called on records called on CIA. Again, pushing the basketball we've got a little bit too deep and got lucky got the foul. By the way, one thousand so far northwestern the second on records. Like these games. Keep it moving. Are kind of hurry tonight. That's off the Tertre crossword cop foul extended ripe play. Thereby Harper's check that out. Expected left games left wait in the left lane trying to pack. His man Harper down the lane travels. Get a shot up all the Harper. But that is the first turnover for the Wildcats about five minutes from a guy who just checked into the game the double pivoted is what he moved his left foot twice. Doctors breaks it up twelve twelve fifty five to go first. Mcconnell the circle top shops bobbled it, but kept the dribble. Dumps it out. Harper mortar jumpers out go down. For records. I think that might have gone part with that was pretty hard to tell both of your slapping at it. I'd like to go small some time against big teams create a little matchup for them at the other. Other cats looking for their first game cop to Betson tobbaco three point play thereby doors out to cop four three for the lead. He got it and the Wildcats late at fifteen as well. Cop with a three quarter. The Wildcats are got ahead after trailing early seven nothing that is not a bashful fresh. He lets go quick coddled pizza'd outside Peter transport. Again, hours McConnell walked is. Travel. Pair league. Yeah. You really moved his feet. Well, because normally when a guy fall down they're going to call on under defense, but he showed his hands slit his feet. That's good. By the big guy, Kabul goes out of the game. Peter kiss. I mentioned six five sophomore from New York City averaging eight points a game spent one season put a pie act. Now, ten minutes to go first half fifteen twelve northwestern dance as it right point. Expensive at the top Dorsey guarding his could dance Nancy. Tertre traffic. No good rebound tipped by the control by Harper. Rutgers Baker drive past cop. And there is a foul Miller top. Fowler copy. Second team the other was on Batson early. And now here come parts and law and Taylor four. To good stretch there without those three scores or to get the leader. Callum Willie bows base slide right for Rutgers. Shop I baked her all the right? Chase games doubt. The lay. Partially blocked by gauged glass. And it's stolen back by Baker out. Take pissed three. The turnover. Down the reporter. We're tied at fifteen Eric's. Not appoint tried to bring the ball up. There's part now to law on the right hats, look to retake the lead gains fakes. The tobacco law. Palate. Extended right. The hand off park back to law Taylor. Taylor is good or capture back at brought Brian Taylor with his second three quarter of the gave NBA jobs that one fifteen quicker. The hacker close out on. Baker gets a pick from Dorsey gates bikes through all the right kiss. Foulon? Extended. Jab step starches dribbled bouncing for Harper. At the top play by Taylor. Taylor all the drought. Harper on the guy gets fouled by Taylor. I valid Ryan Taylor. Spoke to Santa both fouls. Joe? Yeah. You did. It's all your fault. You have a lot to do with it. Way up here. We are always up as we are. I could see the doubt here's pets and infra gays can't read any numbers or names, but I know the body size. So I got it down. Job Willard out baseline left end up law on here. Tell us. Looks to his rack kiss has required. The laid the child left the circle shovels head of the left block houses weakside attended for dourson for right to law Vic law breaks, it the other way. Fakes care to stance. A little sloppy here. Here's wall try to get outside to Taylor spotted quarter flecked it out by raucous. I don't think I've ever seen. Chris Collins through the wave side push it push it at every time northward gets the ball by eleven turnovers. The first twelve minutes this game. Bounced Tertre near the center circle back to law. It's host. The size. It Richard Paul chop. Eight oh seven that'll be the second on Charles. Vicks. He's getting into the post now back down. He just got show the ball in reverse did at the other way is gonna go for.

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