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Blues fall to the Blackhawks one and one on the season picked up a crucial point. But boy missing out on that extra point is going to be tough for how tight the central division is. And we'll look at some of the scores coming up in our final segment here on the blues postgame show, but a couple more thoughts on tonight's game. Look, Jake alad. Yes. A rough night. You did come up with some huge saves for this blue squad. But you can't put all the blame on Jay Cowan. I thought defense looked a little loose in front of him this evening. A couple of breakdowns that one you allow Chicago to just hold onto the puck way too long tonight and. Jake made those initial SOPs Jake's a guy that likes to challenge the puck. He likes to be far out of the net rather than deep into the net in the one goal. He allowed. It wasn't hugging. The post that's a tough scenario. But when you look at that Jonathan tapes goal went back deeper into his net. But overall got to be a little more tighter there defensively. And I think that's the element that I talked with with Amy about in the second intermission. Joel Edmonson is something that I feel like people overlook not just for his aggressiveness in front of the net. But the way he handles the puck. Now, you watch if he comes back on Thursday, which the team expects him to. It just adds an element Alex portraying Delos game. I know that they shuffled some things around at Chris Butler was playing with Alex portrays low tonight, rightfully so for how good Butler looked this evening Bom Easter dropped down with Colton Perico convinced done at Robert cortisol were playing together. So Joel Edmonson up there with Alex portraying jlo. There's a comfort level there. But Joe allows petro to play his game. And I feel like that's an element. That's missing on this blue line, not saying changes everything because the guys out there or NHL players in. Look a little tighter there if you don't allow Chicago to run away with it. I think you have a little more success but tonight thirty shots on goal for the Chicago Blackhawks five goals given up by Jake, Alan. Yes, that's tough. But you also have to look at the way to the defense struggled in front of him tonight and against the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday as well. We'll come back on the blues post game show as we wrap things up. We'll look at some of the scores of the central division as I mentioned Minnesota wild with one team that was trying to hold onto their victory against the Golden Knights. If they did blues only team in the central without a victory. We'll come back and wrap things up. Next radio network is powered by spectrum Alex Ferrario with you. This is Saint Louis, blues hockey. Tired.

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