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I do. So I actually just gave a seminar a couple of months ago to the math and statistics department at Texas tech university. And for many years, one of my graduate students was always from Alex turn dad, who's one of the faculty there in math and statistics. I always had one of his graduate students working with me because I need somebody who has a solid grounding in math and statistics to do a lot of the work that I do. So it's a very small world and 40 points you can actually. I love that you brought that up. So when I came to Texas tech, I've been there for 15 years now. I was the only person doing anything related to climate science there. I was all by myself, and I really struggled to find a place because the reason I ended up there was because they wanted my husband. I was the plus one who came along for the ride, so to speak. So I found some friendly faces and people over in the biology department who were studying ecosystems and how they responded to warmer temperatures. And together, we sort of built on that foundation. Applied for grants ended up hosting a climate science center, which is partially supported by the department of interior. And now we have a climate center at Texas tech university, which as you know, Lubbock is the second most conservative city in the whole U.S. politically speaking. Provo Utah number one, Texas empire Lubbock number two. We have a climate center that has faculty associates from over 50 faculty associates from just about every department and just about every college in the whole university. Is that not amazing?.

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