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Here for you most every day. Just give us a call to into choices. We'll talk about another patient who came to us years ago. 63 years old. He's a black man from Ivory Coast were patients around the world, You know, positive family history for prostate cancer, and he came to me just for the high P ece. That's it. He came. Like many men, Many men come to us. For a checkup for prostate checkup because they don't know what's going on the word about cancer. He came for a check up like many men, he's 63 years old. He's a black man. And I said, because of the black community, what in six men have prostate cancer, one in 23 men will die a prostate cancer in America. So it's an epidemic of its own. He already had a family history with his father having prostate cancer. He had the stroke and I blood pressure Cholesterol is on medications in a pizza. 5.8 but didn't have any diagnosis. He was urinating four times a night and, well, he came to me. He's weight was £238. He's 5, ft. Nine. I examined him. I found in a large prostate we saw in confirmed the high P ece got a biopsy easily got a biopsy. That's the best way to confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer and Should be easy and safe and should be while the patient is sedated or sleeps, it's not painful. There's no reason to go through pain, and I know there's lots of doctors is still depressed. It biopsies with local entities or no anesthesia, which is a painful way to go. This man decided. Well, come with us. You heard about our work years ago came from Ivory Coast High. P s a got a biopsy and was, um or aggressive cancer Gliese and seven Least in seven is how the cancer looks under the microscope to scale goes from 2 to 10. Everything more than six is more aggressive, and he chose her achievement years ago. And now, years later, his P ece is zero..

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