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Is going to work and we're all in different places today were all broadcasting from somewhere else everybody spread all over the tristate area but we'll bring you the latest everything you need to know we'll keep it calm we'll keep you on top of everything get you up to date let me just see if we get the latest numbers here now I I know the numbers are growing every time you see these numbers they seem to be shooting up that is because there's more testing is just a result of all these additional tests being out there so it's not that the the spread is picked up at all it's just that the testing is picked up now you could get as a member even bear the Blasi oh says you may get up to ten thousand cases in New York before the end of next week but that's just the result of more testing most cases are not serious in fact if you look at the numbers of people getting tested have been checking into this out of the people getting tested only about twenty percent of testing positive that's not twenty percent of the population is twenty percent of those being tested which means they're already sick with something so in eighty percent of the cases it's turning out to be something else it's turning out to be the flu are great just a bad colder or something like that out of the twenty percent that test positive only twenty three percent of that group is it is in bad enough shape to have to go to the hospital so the numbers sound bad right now New York City it's eighteen hundred and seventy one cases but remember that's out of a whatever it is seven million people that's a small number of had eleven deaths in New York City in the case of each death it was somebody with serious medical problems to begin with that's why they weren't able to survive the corona virus there is an Amazon worker at a queens delivery center the tested positive they vote close that center there scrubbing it down there's a Ryker's island inmate that's tested positive Harvey is not there anymore we'll get to that coming up hospitals look okay right now the mayor whining and screaming that there's not enough equipment for a week from now but the quickness being made around the cloud cuckoo clock in rushed everywhere New York state you got three thousand cases of coronavirus read twenty one deaths in the state that's specially yeah that's a that's about even with the percentage wise with New York City governor Cuomo has now pushed a mandatory executive border a business can only have fifty percent of its work force on site and he's saying only forty five days to get through this before it peaks president the White House saying fifteen days we'll know where we're headed in fifteen days of all this isolation we'll we'll get an idea of what's going on we'll see we've turned that corner we keep hearing about Italy the horrible numbers of Italy thirty thousand but remember that's way out of a way out of proportion to the United States we have five times the population and we're nowhere near that number also remember things just spread badly in Italy they always differences they've got I think two million flu cases that's a lot for a country with a small population like that so things spread too fast there the clothes shopping centers amusement parks all that kind of stuff Connecticut has already closed ordered that the closing of every what they call body care of business that means nail salons hair salons masseuses all that expect that everybody to do that the sentiment more testing sites everywhere Westchester five hundred and thirty eight cases that's a lot of cases for a small county like that Long Island is us start to grow they've got a hundred and eighty three cases you've got a hundred and sixteen and Suffolk County a lot of those Upper East Side Manhattan nights fled the city left ran to the Hamptons you know everybody had a house in the Hamptons they're all out there the problem is I think they've got a case in south Hampton hospital and they're worried about things happening out there people you think they're hoarding here you should see all these wealthy people in the Hamptons the Cinderella there reports one customer came and spent eight thousand the next customer spent twelve thousand dollars these people are stocking up for months on end drive through a facilities we can get tested being set up Stony Brook Jones beach new Jersey's got four hundred and twenty seven cases that had five deaths already Connecticut is growing a little ninety six cases they've been pretty good there on top of things United States it's eighty seven hundred cases now remember we get three hundred fifty million people so that's eighty seven hundred cases the president has been getting a lot of praise member told a couple of weeks or sometimes he doesn't seem to know doesn't have a handle on the situation he's a quick learner give me a couple of weeks now he's looking good even governor Cuomo raising them yesterday saying he's been great on this he's really been there for us he's on top of this I'm sure the governor Cuomo might need to get tested for fever here I got who couldn't believe it but this is where you it is as we said last week you can tell in the crisis what what somebody's like the real character comes out in a crisis so in the case of a mayor de Blasio you got a guy that seems to act like you just started two days ago doesn't know what he's doing he's whining screaming yelling look so stressed out in the case of Cuomo he's looking like a real leader he's holding these long detailed press briefings and look at the way he handles and look at look at the Blasi looking all frightened and anxious and a winding look at Cuomo in his briefing sitting back in the chair dressed casually speaking casually it's a good manner when this is all over expect in true Cuomo to be looked at by the Democrats for something bigger Biden nowhere to be seen on this but the there's a couple of other things about president trump he's with grated a couple of things one is working with corporations getting things done with corporations so part of the problem a major part of the problem is we depend on China for everything that's where all our prescription drugs come from that's where the masks are made that's where a lot of our hospital gear is made to the president of pensive that whole team they've worked with corporations to get everybody to set up supply chains in America working twenty four seven I think it's three AM now producing masks they think they can produce a million a week or something like that so the working round the clock he's been working with all the supermarket to change the food suppliers have got all their resources going twenty four seven you don't have to worry about food we will have plenty of food that's not a problem everybody in the field says they'll be plenty of food even in Italy the worst disaster we've seen in all of this people reporting from Italy the one thing they have is food there supermarkets are all stocked no shortages of anything so don't keep hoarding everything you don't have to do that I know right now there's some empty shelves with toilet paper paper towels those are all being restocked there's more on the way Amazon has hired a hundred thousand extra people to get this going globally the number of cases two hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred and fifteen thousand cases but let's just put that in perspective there's ten million flu cases right now that's a huge difference to earn fifteen thousand versus ten million so just just bear all that in mind it's it's it sounds bad but but it could be a lot worse we've but when you look back on all this now is not the time to do this but when they do the after action report and look back on what happened you gonna find out the impeachment was a big problem on this whole matter bill Reilly I think was the first to point this out the outbreak in China happen in mid to late December it was early January where we should have been watching this the media should have been all over this in January watching this outbreak it was getting out of control then and we didn't see it because the entire media twenty four seven was on the impeachment that's all they focused on twenty four seven they never broke away for anything else the China virus then was a huge problem and we should have been on top of it the give president trump credit for one thing this is the single most important act of all in the middle of January in the middle of that impeachment he decided to ban travel from China that's why our numbers aren't worse than they are that's where numbers are relatively low for all the countries in the world we're in tenth place as far as number of cases the China ban took place in January that really saved us from disaster and the reason nobody paid any attention to this was the impeachment went till I think the end of January so the meeting was totally distracted not focused on this virus that was coming the president somehow was put in the China travel ban since it happened sometime I supposed it's got against that problem everyone can see that I'm normal right now the president trump China vibes they think things are going everything after this is all in the China my lives the purpose of that is damaging they they.

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