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Audience in those watching from home to get a reminder of the history behind why were here hearing why were talking about this it goes back to us into it also goes back to a sixteen uh it was two thousand sixteen abboud was august when it was public a reported that illinois in arizona where the two states that had been hacked by foreign entity uh illness tapert election their voter registration files have been compromised uh it is alleged stated that it was russia was the actor who did this off fast forward after the election minute voter registration rolls are separate from voter tabulation so it is the consensus that voter tabulation was not interfered with it is voter registration in those databases so fast ford f you election national intelligence agencies did come to consensus that we'd been hacked that's janury 2017 we are taken a particular interest because we're one of the two known states at the time and his doug noted it ended up being twenty one states that have been compromised that may we worked with the illinois general assembly with illinois state senator michael hastings he's the chairman of the cyber security a subcommittee in the illinois senate bad hearing with the state board elections tried to get some answers what happened who'd you talk to what did you find out we find out how much voter information been compromised social security numbers home addresses what localities was there a pattern uh fess four to june we partner with the state senator to send a letter to all one hundred and nine hundred and eight local election authorities is one hundred two counties in illinois 100 nine local election authorities the example would be city chicago has its own election authority i think it's helpful to understand how we do have a decentralized electoral system um every local election thirty has some jurisdiction with how they operate their elections and what equipment they buy and in what they use um many of you probably aware illinois in our local election authorities we have paper records even if you're casting uh your vote on a watch electronic screen some states don't have that papertrail this is a replay of monday's programming on cspan review so we reached out to local authorities and we said we hacked what do you do to prevent a hack do you follow any of these cyber hygiene protocols uh what can we do to help at.

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