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Two eight seven two two two. All right. So the response to that, particularly when you're talking young people is that some of the language that you're using to describe President Trump is is pretty flattering. So you say that he's the general in the culture war that he think that he he's doing what's best for the country and the other way of saying it sort of the other side of the coin is kind of a schmuck, right? Which is that like a personally he does not he doesn't have a history of treating women. Well, obviously, he's been very skis. He and his business deal. He lies a lot. He says a lot of things that aren't true. But he's a perfectly serviceable and better than serviceable vessel for a lot of my political priorities. And for that reason alone since all the damage that he was going to do is now done, right? I mean, I was afraid that he was going to course in the public culture. Even those already course he's done that it's over camp with that cat back in the bag. All right. He's going to he's going to say things that I don't like he's done that not sure that can be undone. He's going to soul that Republican party. And he hasn't really done that too too much of an extent. But when you say, the young people, particularly the he is a feeling that he's a great leader or that he's or that he's a good man or that he's that he's even a decent fellow. Like, I don't think that he's a particularly decent fellow. I wouldn't want him as a business partner. I don't think that he's a good, man. I wouldn't want him around my wife unsupervised, but as a vehicle for my for my political viewpoint, which is a reflection of my values. I would certainly prefer him in the White House. To to Hillary Clinton or any other democrat that they are willing to run at this point or probably in the near future. So with that being the case we're both coming at it from the perspective of people who are going to vote for Trump in twenty twenty. But I do wonder if it undercuts the message of people who are values Centric to lead with the what extent you feel the need to defend Trump as a human as opposed to defending your vote for Trump as a politician. It depends on the charge against him. I just I think the facts ought to speak for themselves and on a case by case basis. I do believe that he has become more conservative substantively. I that. But let me tell you my theory. Why I don't think he was ever ideological. He did have strong beliefs on on tariffs and trade wars, and that kind of thing and immigration, but he hung around New York liberals, and he thought they were nice guys. They were nice to him, and he's very much. A product of who he responds to people personally if they like him and all that and you can say that's a negative. I understand. But now he sees the left for what they are. And now he sees who the good guys are, and including the Christians, and I actually think there's been a transformation. I don't know about a conversion. I have no idea what he where he is spiritually. But I think he's moved in the right direction substantively and idealized even beyond how he's governing. I think he's come to see who the good guys are in this existential struggle for America. I don't want to say that to to young people or any anybody else that if he's doing something wrong that it's right? I don't want to say that it is. But I might give him some slack on things that I don't take that seriously about so if he says I want to wrestle somebody to the floor are talks about I don't want him to curse in public, obviously. But if he's combative that doesn't bother me. I want him to be combative because that's what we've missed. And that's what that's why the basis so that's why there's rallying around him. Because they see I really believe this that we've the conservatives thought the tea party thought that we weren't that. There are no leader standing up for our values. And our ideas, I something that does bother me..

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