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The international space station shin has a new parking spot kind of two astronauts successfully added a new docking port yesterday which is basically a place for another spacecraft to park space dot com says it took astronauts turnouts about six and a half hours to install that docking port it'll be used by companies like spacex and boeing when they start sending astronauts into orbit later this year or next year this this is the station's second docking port for commercial spacecraft the i was attached three years ago. Researchers are working on a wristband that predicts aggressive devout bursts and people with autism in gadgets says it monitors heart rate sweat production skin surface temperature and arm movements and with that the device can predict outbursts sixty seconds seconds before they happen and it's apparently eighty four percent accurate well. One minute doesn't seem like a lot of time. It could give people a chance to relax the person wearing the respond and make sure sure everyone is safe. We're testing needs to be done but experts say it's promising. There's an instagram hoax going around that even celebrities and politicians are falling for the hoax says instagram is going to access every photo you've ever uploaded even deleted ones and then use them against you in court to keep that from happening it says you need to he posted a message to your instagram to say you don't get permission in order to block instagram from using your pictures well. It's not true and you don't need to post that message but the verge verge says lots of people are falling for it even some of the rich and famous including usher julia roberts and the u._s. secretary of energy the same viral hoax has been a thing in the past in twenty johny twelve but again instagram confirms both are fake. It's official the x._f._l. Announced its team names and logos remember the x._f._l. Fell is an alternative to the n._f._l. Meant to be professional football that is faster and have quote no gimmicks so now e._s._p._n. Says the eight teams include the dallas renegades negates los angeles wildcats new york guardians seattle dragons and more the x._f._l. Also recently signed its first player former n._f._l. Quarterback landry jones the league will hold a player draft in october to fill the rest of the roster. This is actually the x._f._l.'s second go at this. The same owner tried launching the league in two thousand one but it only lasted season organizers hope this year will be more successful game started in february twenty twenty one week after the n._f._l.'s super bowl by the way c._n._n. Says another the league started. This year called the alliance of american football but it only lasted one season then filed for bankruptcy. The top paid actor in the world right. Now is dwayne the rock johnson at least according to forbes top ten paid actors list johnson made eighty nine million dollars within one year's time forbes says he made a lot lot of it from the jumanji movies and the show ballers plus he gets money from his under armor line chris hemsworth robert downey junior akshay kumar and jackie chan capped opt off the top five in other entertainment news. We now know who will be on the next season of dancing with the stars. Probably the most unexpected president trump's former press secretary akrotiri sean spicer inside edition says the show's host did not seem too happy about having someone political in there the list also includes the bachelorettes hannah brown country star lauren elena n._f._l..

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