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Arms Richardson on finishes at the rim with the contact. He's been terrific. He's in a lot better shape now didn't get in great shape here in the early going. Obviously, the troubles in Houston was unhappy there. And since the trade he's been terrific for the Brooklyn Nets. I was on Richardson hardened, completes the three point play his first three points of the night. That 787 League nonsense from the right 9 10 and counting to go first quarter sense it in the corner to Cleaver. How they go toe for singles in the mid post, Right facing up on harden, one dribble gets around him and reverse flushes for keeping very nice took his time right there. Jordan pushed him off the block, but he used that. To spin off of Martin and get to the other side of the rim and pardon complaining Scott posture that he got hooked to no avail to no avail. Because the Nets trailing now 98 green flips it in the corner of TLC into the lane stops. He's double covered. Pass out tip but saved by harden on the near side with four to shoot. Harden on the three point line. Step back triple tried no good for Zynga's and easy rebound. Give it up Toe. Luca, with 8.5, left in the first Don checked all the way to the left wing finds his spot shoots the three all net Dallas with a 12 8 advantage. He's been a different guy from behind the arc over the last month. You mention it under 30 for the better part of the season until these last three weeks, shooting it down about 45%. In the month of February. 12 8 lead eight minutes to go First quarter Bruce Brown facilitates gets the harder it gets it to Brown is found at the rim trying to dunk No good, Nice little slip by Brown. He'll learn to free throws at the line has been so impressed with Bruce Brown. We talked about a little bit. Earlier 29 he had the other night against Sacramento. Hey, guard centers. At times. He's a screener. You just don't see a guided his size. Do Lot of the things that he does. He's just kind of the Swiss Army knife, and Steve Nash could have been more complimentary about him. As we talked to him today. The guy just does everything. He's a competitors. Doesn't complain, does whatever's asked of him and he's been big for this net team in this eight game win streak. You just converted on two free throws, but averaging we said almost 19 points a game. The last three games came over in a three team trade from Detroit in November. There's Don John. The drive got the foul from Harden and one for Luca. Tally. The foul for James Harden. Don checks will go to the line as the Mavericks have a four point lead. Well, that's what happens when you gamble a half court. Bruce Brown pressuring Dantchev goes for a steal at half court. The next time anybody gets near dodge that she's already At the restricted area. It's got to be a foul on the good finish from Lucca is so strong around the rim and a good start for Dallas. Offensively, 17 points here just four minutes and five seconds in Luca's got eight of those 15 points as he completes on the three point play is the Nets turn it over on the way down floor..

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