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The neighborhood like I thought I was special. You know then I met the Chino the block over and I was like Oh shit okay. There's more of us. Yeah not all that she knows are Asians like sometimes. There's just guys Filipino guy. Who Looks Asian? Yeah Yeah Yeah is there something. Tell us why you rappkay town so hard in all of your your music in your public life. It's kind of a beautiful thing to see and you still live in canton right. Yeah and the funny thing about it is when I was growing up. I wasn't embraced in Cape Town. Because K town during that time was like the ACN pride era where you had the super like Asian pride and your family has increased and during the riot so we grew up all around ad. And I was very k town but I was kind of an outcast amongst the Asian kids who are more cooler like Long White T.'s. Bangs smoking cigarettes in the parking lot. Like I wasn't part of that like I was a nerdy like underground hip hop pop punk like Weirdo Kid. You know and and I dressed like a member of weezer with like glasses and braces so I was into weird indeed. Shit you know our our shows and things like that so but then I started battle. Rapping is when all of a sudden the Asian community started like riding with me. You know all of a sudden all these Asian neighborhood gangster dudes was like Oh man. You're representing for days in. Because I was like killing it on the videos defending Asian people. You know because I wanted to like. They're attacking me. And Douse away. I was defending my battle rap so actually identity driven in tow superior how opponents come up with bars against each other. Yeah I talk about the saliva when I started battle rapping when I learned a lot about what people think about Asians or what they know about Asians and I realize it's not that much the same. Exactly they they know like five things to hit you with. That's when you realize own. Damn like these are the stereotypes. These are the only things people really know. Or even there's a lot of things you reference them to like celebrity like you look like this guy so does always only like three motherfuckers. Jackie Chan Jet Li. You know what I'm saying I'm Lou. It was like those three. I mean. Now it's like you know you can Pi- get roasted with more names which I'm like. Oh we made it now. They get roasted with ten celebrities. That's representation but you're right there. Yeah Yeah Yeah now. I don't even think I know all the famous Asians anymore. It used to be like every single one that came along. It'd be like Oh man like an Asian space. I'm going to Google everything about this person now. Like twelve famous Asians in. I'm like even like trying to do this. Podcast don't even know if I got in battle right. Now if I go pipe leaks. Say something like Commun- Aquafina or something like that. I don't think they're going to be like look at Henry. Golding over here like I think they're gonNA do that. Definitely make like crazy rotations. Referees stuff like well. That's one thing I really love about your work within the battle rap. World's especially because seeing a lot of what you did there including what you do with your character prospect in the Joseph. Kahn directed battle APP SATIRE BODIED WHICH. I highly recommend which you're great and thanks. It was the easiest role playing battle rap. Exactly Yeah But one thing. I really love about what you've done in that space. Is You sort of turn the lens preemptively on that kind of easy racism? And you're like if you're gonNA come at me about these things like better than I can do. Because you're you're just being lazy and I I like that even with Asian Americans in entertainment right now in comedy too. I feel like there's a lot of reaction but there's not a lot of action in like how you rebuttal those that anger channel that anger. You know it's like to me. I see the way Sern Asian. Comedians react on twitter. And I'm like you're more angry than funny you know and you're a comedian. You know or a writer. I'm like why aren't you responding with some Funny Shit? That would have more of an impact. You've spent so long cultivating this music career of yours and evolved within that as dumbfounded. But you've recently really branched out more into acting. Tv and film. We've seen you in bodied year in detention before that on power power. Those like where I TV thing. Yeah what's what's been behind that branching out with the you've wanted to do for a long time for sure. Yeah I was in a when I was a kid like ten or eleven years old. I saw some thing on TV or they're looking for child actors and it was a scam thing where they charge a little money. You get head shots and all this shit but I did it. I dragged my mom to go do it and I got an agent and I was like I was doing commercial work. I wasn't like a playstation one commercial and like I grew up on television so I was like little attention whore child. I wanted to be an entertainment early on and then gone into high school and gum heavy into music and smoking mad weed. I got more into music. You know. So that's Kinda how it naturally happened. But I've always wanted to be a comedian actor being TV in film. That was my first love from like when I was young and now I feel like I was able to kind of come back to it and it was helpful that I had a little bit of cloud. Do the dumbfounded name to kind of get into rooms and pitch stuff and so I'm Kinda blessed in that way you know that I have had some experience in other departments to me. Fueled the actor career. My Ex questions about that and it's going to sound a little bit too nice of a compliment. I think it's just kind of what I think. You're a really good rapper. You know you're really funny. You Act like I've always kind of thought of us like Asian wills. Thanks man you know and I'm just I'm always sitting here wondering like why isn't dumbfounded in more stuff. Why isn't he more famous? And and so. I thought I'd ask you like why. Don't you think crazy? Rich Asians drug. You would've killed nine. I mean I just think gets. Its timing really for me to you know. I think I'm more aware of myself to you. Know and we comedy you kind of need that and you gotta GonNa grow into this person. Who's a little bit more vulnerable and could talk about stuff especially as a rapper? That's like a John. Rowe were reflects or you put a person on a lot you know. And it's hard to be a rapper and comedian. At the same time I feel like rappers take themselves like too serious a lot of times you have to tap into like more of a vulnerable. You can't take yourself too seriously as a comedian. You know I mean that's the complete opposite. I feel like when you express yourself as an artist like go to John. Yeah but it's changing I think for rappers exchanging allow you have dudes like drake. Who's willing to be silly and stuff? But that's kind of a newer thing really in hip hop there was cast back then but in general overall you know. I think we're seeing more of this like I'm a normal guy. Like little dicky to like you know Yeah I did you start being Asian American at your job for me like it was when I started writing about Asian American issues started advocating for more Asian American representation in the newsroom. And for me. It's it's similar like I for a long time in my career didn't WanNa lean into that. I wanted to be come respected in my own right. Who who I am. I think everyone goes to that in their job. You have like same way. You know terrified of the pigeonhole. Yeah like I'd get interviewed on like I was on this Carson Daley thing and they were like this is the Korean American rapper dumbfounded. I was like. Why was that even like I rap in English? You know what I'm saying. I rap in English but then I was like you know what fuck it. It's actually a huge part of my identity in a at that realization made me lean into it a lot more because I realized I hop on stage and whether or not I just want to be respected as a rapper like they see your current Asian Dude on stage. You can't hide that part like that's why one of the first things they even think before award and comes out of your mouth. You know what I'm saying. It is a part of your identity and I think you have to come to terms with that. Yeah you you. I remember interviewing you again at the exhibit at the Chinese American Museum. And you said something about how you know my side of myself with something that I shied away from Oh that more and then like started embracing and yeah so what caused that a lot of the battle stuff like like what. I talked about earlier like that one Asian gangsters that came up to me. It's like you're holding it down for people like you know like like in the words of Comedienne awards dead Prez. It's bigger than hip hop like. That's that's that moment where it became bigger than hip hop for me where I was like. Oh this is some other shit too. It's it's it's hip hop but it's something else too and I think that happens a lot of hip hop artists to. That's why hip hop is such a special genre in that culture because it's the music but it's really the things that people rap about in the music is totally relate to that like being introduced as a Korean American rapper. And you just want to be a rapper right like you know the things that like to identity. I feel like you know. American culture has made us feel ashamed of them or something like made them feel like they're encore something like I'm a taiwanese-american but if someone says that in the room when the wrong context going be like why did you say that well the thing about it is it's like no one really respects anybody who's ashamed of who they are. You know it could be Asian. It could be Latino black like if you're a shame yourself like no one respects that you know and I don't want other kids to kind of feel the same way. I did too gone up in that way. I think the more specific you get. What your experiences in music or art it resonates more universally well. That's again like why I really love when you rap about where you're from because it paints is really vivid very specific picture. You're proud of it. You made an entire song about cafe blue. I'm very that's the thing about me like I'm all. My songs are like very specific to very specific as I don't just make our love song. I'll make like very specific thing in a relationship. That's always been my thing cafe. Blue is the power goes to get John Creating. It's the Korean entertainers like bar. One night. You'll go there and you'll see like Daniel Day Kim there with like us Lee Aquafina me and then struggling actors complaining about the Industry Type Shit. I Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's I mean there's great food spots all around that particular bar but it's not like the it's not the most popular bar but it is the bar that's been around for a while and like a lot of Asian Americans have passed. David chose you know Eddie hongs and John and people.

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