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W. F. T. L. west Palm Beach Palm Beach Wellington from ABC news I'm Richard cancer it's over in Philadelphia police there say the suspect in an hours long standoff is now in custody identified as Maurice hill the situation began Wednesday afternoon police tried to make a drug arrest at a house mayor Jim Kenney angry about how easy it is to get guns aggravate saddle and it's just something that we we need this we need to do something about and at the state and federal government don't wanna don't wanna stand up to the NRA and some of the folks that let us let us with our selves fear of a recession drove stocks to their worst one day loss is of the year Wednesday at eight hundred points the Dow was the biggest loser but even the broad S. and P. five hundred closed down eighty six investors worry about the president's trade war with China and a warning sign from the box yield curve it involves interest rates on treasury notes JJ Kinahan from TD Ameritrade explains it to your is paying a higher yield than the ten year which is you know normally the the the longer you pay interest on money to hire the right you have to pay but this has switched around last time it happened it signaled a recess in was coming ABC's Scott Goldberg along went into effect in New York state Wednesday allowing purported victims of long on gold child sex abuse by institutions to file lawsuits that have previously been denied attorney Mitchell Garabedian suing the Roman Catholic Church in behalf of James Grimes who asserts he was abused as a child by Theodore McCarrick defrocked as a cardinal in February for sex abuse.

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