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They're competing for third world championship in drivers and also constructors and they have a chance later on today to possibly win an indycar championship. So a better days are ahead for landau and better days are ahead for mclaren general obsolete mclaren on the Without a doubt jowitt. Who's your driver the day concrete Landau either in. Just you know mature drive from the start and not the first time that you know like immolate comes to mind is bo away. He was able to hold off louis. At the end of the rice and mature. He would've done the same at the end of the day. Everyone makes bad decisions or decisions. That go the wrong way in the on this occasion. It's gone the wrong wife. Him bought united. He could have easily been hero as well in that situation if and the track dropped A yet the image of land are a lot of people before the seasonal Thought of him as a bit of a judge he's the main laudi eli does the twit streaming whatnot. But he's a seriously quick rising drive or any just you know he's got it together and qualifying in the rices. Well now Yeah you know mclaren. Get a good car. Hundred next year to put themselves in contention seriously think he's going to be leading started at any rate but yeah. I think lander might be the leading driver in that team next year. Et given Form this season you'd have to say with we'll be londonorce. Base should be a fantastic opportunity next season before displayed now in. Its in both comfortable Team as well. So it's you know it's really should be fascinating bowel between those two the two top drivers to top this as while some show will get As well some top drives and now. I've mentioned that all three of you guys are different. Percussion of your own podcast. Stout you are in a mentioned that you're the man behind the five red lights podcasts. Aware is done where people find eighties on youtube to such a five with the number five. Red lights We do raise previews and rave reviews with doing driver the month votes. Because i think dr of the day usually is inaccurate was pretty accurate today So actually all my my next vote will be open this week. So leaving somewhere for people to find. Find me on twitter at five. Underscored underscored is again the number five and also on instagram fiber lights yet definitely do that boat in his his driver. The driver move contest. Say it was pretty accurate. Today we did go against you. Memorize controversial never change may never change. They'll tell us about the rectory. Find your grip shirt podcasts. Thanks george always a former guest a couple of times Made them wake up early in the morning in in in england to do it..

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