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Cheney mark David van Damme and Scott Bob making sense of it all having some fun this is mark Lee van Damme and robin thank you so much for being here I'm Jamie Markley that's David van camp there Scott Robinson and it's freight on time I you know what I always like it when CNN actually does real reporting so David Holmes is one of the guys testifying now in the impeachment inquiry the public hearing today and he testified about a conversation he overheard he said that Gordon song when the ambassador to the European Union it was having this phone conversation with the president and he said he could over here on the phone even though was on speaker phone get over here the president asking about the bidens asking about the investigations that the president Ukraine was supposed to do or at least announce they miss quid pro quo right and so the president has defended himself on Twitter saying I have been watching people make making phone calls my entire life my hearing is and has been great never have I been watching a person making a call which was not on speaker phone had been able to hear or understand a conversation I'd even tried but to no avail try it lives so Fred Cuomo Chris Cuomo on CNN besides he's gonna try it live because he says the president is wrong about this and it doesn't go well hold for the folks at CNN here we go that he is really good hearing some would say the best hearing ever and he's never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn't on speaker phone from anybody so let's just play with that for second mom can you hear me all right so far holding for hearing with Diana bashing let her talk because she's so smart and I should say so much can you just say hello mom she probably can can you hear me sometimes you just put it back on speaker phone say hello to Donna bash hi Mrs comma how are you all.

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