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What we do in. She said. I don't know but why i'm going to do is i'm going to set it up. And when the kids get to an age and the boys stop playing cricket because we traveled so much. This is what i want to focus. Focus on but personally a conversation we had was. We wanted to do this because now as mothers. We gave our time to the husbands. Who came and went. You know so they were the focus and then it was a children so our friendship came right down the line and she said to me trace if we do this we never ever have to feel guilty about being a high tea. You know having a busy champagne and yeah boy. She say they were playing cricket. This is work so selfishly. It was so we could come together and not feel guilty in helping others so she set the foundation up but it was in two thousand and three was when she knew what the mission would be and that mission came because she had star treatment again. So which was really difficult for her because she would never let glenn myself go with a for treatment because she'd say no because then it's bled into every part of my life so if she went to treatment and glamorgan a phone call and then i get a phone call and my phone call came and that phone call now look back changed so many things about life for us because she said to me trace. She's really happy. And i said are you because this was not chemotherapy voice jane and she said i. Did you go for treatment. She said i did but today. She said i'm an angel. What did you think thought she was tripping. Listen don what are you going to lie down on. Bring me back and she started laughing. She went no stead today. I'm an angel. Trace on the angel is called alison. Schweitzer and angel is a breast kenner. Angel is now going to give me the freedom to tell you what's really going on in my head because i've been allowed to leave over the hospital. And she went on to say she not slept and how bad she fell. And you know. Look she was going into james. Holly's bedroom ni- you know looking at the babies have to fight this. She said now. I could leave all the other hospital and she said to me. Don i know what we need to do. I said what are we doing. She said raising funds for breast canner sizes. We're gonna let every struggling family one. Dr hope feel the way. I do walking out with that hospital on the darkest of my life while they pump that poison into my veins hoping that will save my life and we are going to make sure that families feel what i feel and right there and then that phone call. She said the mission for what was then the mcgrath foundation. And what an extraordinary staff that was and you saw growth on my straightaway. You sort of got into it and you really start planning but were you a bit overwhelmed at the very start of of actually putting a foundation to get into what. We're doing a clue. But what we did have glenn. We have passion. We had friendship. We had determination. We wanted to make a difference to people's lives because we both saw the difference that alison had mehta jan's life so we have to experience. All jane huddle experience and she just wanted to make a difference. She truly just wanted to make a difference and help people feel a little bit..

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