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All right. Welcome back here on this Wintry evening. Happy to wrap up the show tonight with my guest, Mr Elliot Cohen and really enjoyed learning more about your nonprofit. Expectant fathers without voices, and I know before the commercial break, you were discussing some of the success that you've had just in terms of saving lives on Ben. It sounds like you're also really changing People's mindsets trying to, you know, just just really fly in the face of what people have been thinking about abortion for all these years. But what would you say Some of the other successes are Well, um I'm kind of like you mentioned there has been a Kind of a snowball effect where Leggo said I can. I can personally confirm six couples because I have personally interacted with them and where it was actually The woman that reached out and said Hey, you know, I'm on the fence. I'm not sure you know what I'm gonna do here. Um, I feel like I have no support. Will you intervene so and I, you know, got got those messages. From Uh, you know our email list or from our Facebook in box or, you know wherever they might messages and And I have pursed me personally has reached out to those those men and spoken with them and ask them some very simple and very direct questions. Which do you do you want your partner to have an abortion? And they all said No, I said, OK, we'll do you realize that she's thinking about having one and some? Some of them said Yes. Some of them said No..

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