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That's only been covering by many. The original is right here. Dave dudley. And like a little Google shirts, sometime and just read the history of Dave Dudley, and the kind of music that he became quite popular for music, that saluted, the working man in general. But the truck driver, specifically it is forty five past the hour in America's trucking that work Gibbs. Mr. motorcoach is with us tonight. We all know ED's second favorite subject, besides motor coat is auto racing. And I know from past experience, you're not a big fan of Chicago land. By way of review. Why? Kogyo. Well, they call it you cog. Oh, land speedway kinda changed a little bit in the last couple of years. Maybe. Joliet, which is a waste an hour south with more like an hour. It's all also ski six Dragway, two facilities are right next to each other. Chicago is another is one of the Smith. The one point five mile designed supposed to revolutionize NASCAR by making several cookie cutter. Racetracks light Kansas. I don't know what does to three others and became the beginning of the disaster that we now have an escort where everything is boring. So. Chicago is is, is not, not one of my favorite places to be. I don't know what to tell you. It's, it's, it's a one point five miles tri-oval. It's vanilla ice cream. Banking is eighteen degrees. You heard this before. Now it used to be the opening event for the playoffs, but they have moved it to this new date. And I it's going to be interesting. Not only have we got this new force package. But this is the first time that track is house, race and eat that we're going to have. So it's gonna get real interesting as to how this track is gonna act. I don't know if we're going to put down any of the, the traction control stuff on it. They may on the on the on the outside, but. Maybe we'll put it on the inside. I don't know. This is Bruton Smith idea of the perfect track your situation, and it is it is. Set into motion. These tracks have set into motion attendance fall. I'm sorry, but that's the fact Kabushiki defending Harvey is recent back back where. Like I say, we're going to see a race that's going to be possibly held in serious. Eat conditions something that, that nobody has really seen at this track. So I have no idea what that's going to bring. Well, his sort of reclaim what NASCAR used to be. Nascar is buying all of Bruton Smith's tracks. It's a three billion dollar deal. Are we any closer to see when that deal out of the way? My understanding is it is going through put into place. What interesting a side note on that is by taking buying all these tracks. Those tracks will now be taken into private ownership, and they will not have to ever again publish attendance records. Well, not only that hopefully, the new private owners will work a little bit more with NASCAR to try to do what they can. And there's lots of different things that need to be done to kind of resuscitate NASCAR to it's at least a degree of its popularity of the nineties now. We got lots more to talk about NASCAR. Not the least of which this race in Chicago land. This weekend is the final race for Darrow Waldrip. He is retiring, or is he being forced to retire? He's out now. This is the first race without. Thank god. My heart but he is gone. And. Oh, we're going if he thought about it. You know, using the term boogie boogie boogie which dates back to like the sixties was probably the reason that they encouraged him to retire because he does date old-fashioned, and, again, one of the things that NASCAR desperately needs to do resuscitate itself is to try to appeal to a younger audience. But more on that throughout the morning. We got at least three more hours with Ed, and we will start up with the summer song, trivia, at the top of the hour is well, this is America's trucking network. Hey, what's up? It's rally from the show and I just took a little visit to the brand new remodeled Rockville dealership, hers Kia, and they have hundreds of vehicles, ready.

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