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He will be competing for a Big Ten title within three years and could be the next generations Nick Saban. How'd that work out? Anyway, it happened. There's an old takes exposed. Is that the name of the website that repurposes all the stupid things that people like Brando and others say. And within moments of the game ending on Saturday in Dublin, that tweet got out there again under our Twitter handle because old state old takes exposed retweeted it from 2018. So Brando has been doing a lot of reacting on Twitter. A lot of blocking of people criticizing him. Let's get back to the calls and Thad is up next in southern Cal. Hey fad. Hey Paul, how you doing, bud? We are doing great. Thank you for the call. USC, my wife. Went there. I went to athletic state. She has no clue about football. Now she does. She's so cool. What's this Oklahoma guy? No. He's going to take all the California guys who play football in the 50 million. It's fine. It's going to be great. Hello? Yeah, I'm listening to everything you're saying. Oh, not really understanding. Hey, he came from Oklahoma. We love him. My wife didn't even know anything about USC football. Okay. She's like, oh. She went there. They supply. It's great. And they're going to be great. They're probably going to win. 9 games this year. 12. Next year, they're going to play. What? Oregon? And they're going to have to go over to Notre-Dame playing the cold and whatever. But then you have to go to Big Ten. Okay. How many people in California? Because my kids are in California, they're four and 6 years old. They do not want to go and play in the Big Ten. And the cold. You see? Listen, not every game will be told just every game after mid October. No, I'm from California to state. It's cold there, kind of. It's Clemson. That's where I grew up. Love their games. Great atmosphere. Yeah, but you know what? Decisions. Decisions with big time college football are not made on the weather. They're made on marketability and money and southern Cal was drowning in the pack 12. They made a very good deal. I think there will be successful. They have everything in place. And I think they're going to be on a much bigger stage than playing a bunch of Washington states and cows and Oregon states and Arizona states. Games that do you absolutely no good. Thank you for the call. I think Kobe is up next in Oklahoma, hello, Kobe. What's up, Paul? And I kind of got off on talking about the contract you'll write and all that. But I just want to let bad know the caller from California that your coach, tell your wife, she don't know anything about football. And she knows more than you. But one of the. Rallies of fraud, you have a false sense of security. You got no offensive line. You got no defensive line. You got some great skill position players, but you have a coach that don't know how to coach the correct players. Now that I'm going to get off on that ball, how are you doing this Monday morning? Monday afternoon. I am doing great. Kobe, and I now, yeah, go ahead. I clear that up with that, dude. That's a big disappointment out there in California. I have to say that right now. You might as well get used to me calling him. Without you coming into that, do you think? Might as well know my number, put it in your phone. But what do you think the first, so me and you, we determined 2024 OU Texas coming over, you didn't answer my question with what you thought respectively what they do with their first year in the SEC. It's a tough conference. I realized that I know you've been very, very critical about you over the years for not being able to get it done. And I realized that, but I just think minimal is coming in and being a defensive minded let me ask you a question, Coby. Why do you think Brett venables will be able to do what Lincoln Riley and bob stoops could not do? Because everyone wants them. Well, everyone wants to love bob stoops, but after that first title early in his career, he mostly choked the big game away. You're absolutely correct. I will not run from that, and I will not argue that. But we're starting off with on a good note, Brett venable had never coached a game of football as a head coach and he has a better recruiting class without even coaching than Lincoln Riley in the last 5 years. That's just starting out. I know you ain't going to be world leaders this year. We all get that. Ten and two, 9 and three, respectively, probably. But under Lincoln rally, a lot of us OU fans, we were had a full sense of security, he could always get it there, always had this guild division. Didn't have a defense that could play 5 a football instead of Oklahoma could play better defense. Just defense, crap the bed every year is frustrating. I think a lot of us in Oklahoma are just excited to get back to that smash mouth defense in the 2000s that bob and Brant and even Mike stoops had when they got there. A lot of hope and optimism and a lot of reinvigoration there in Norman, man. I'm telling you. I know you're not on the bandwagon, but we are. But what I want to get and what I want to matter being on the bandwagon or not, and you talk about me being critical of Oklahoma. I'm simply just pointed out the obvious and quite frankly in relation to the SEC. I think Oklahoma will be helped by getting in the SEC. I don't think they'll have any more difficulty adjusting than anyone else. It's a first, it's one of the best football programs in the country. And you're getting in the best league. And I think it helps everything about your program. The recruiting is already at a high level. Now it possibly can go to a higher level. Right. I just feel like the culture and the better recruiting obviously the money is going to help, but yeah, I don't know. It's just going to be one of the things where the wait and find out. I know you need the quarterback to compete, what they got and going to cut it. What do you see? I mean, realistically, if they're going in 2024, what's the first year expectation win loss? Kobe, I can't answer that until I know what their schedule looks like. But I don't think it's going to be a whole lot different. I mean, not to minimize the SEC, but in the SEC, if you're at a high level and you've recruited well, you will compete. And you can break through. I mean, right now, the SEC is going through we don't know about a couple of programs, but can Oklahoma compete with Alabama, Georgia, and Texas a and M. Yeah, I think they can. Well, recent history of their camp. That you should well, I don't know. Well, you're talking about a one off game, though, is my point.

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