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Kamera Carter was a black man listened Staten Island kind of neighborhood fixtures offer folks. You've lived in any big city New York. Certainly you have the people who are just I around. The Guy who runs the Bodega. The woman who sells you know beads in the park and Eric Garner was just one of those people who was known around the neighborhood for selling cigarettes so in New York City there are very very high sin taxes on cigarettes are very expensive and so once this is done is it's created a black market for cigarettes and so what people do is they drive down the states like Virginia where the taxes are much lower by cartons and cases of cigarettes than drive them back up to New York where they sell them either one or two timer buy a pack. It's a lucrative little market. It's all of this brings July. Seventeenth Twenty Fourteen Eric Garner had a few run INS with the police piece where they had either arrested him or talk to him about selling untaxed cigarettes. One of the commanding officers for the local police precinct is driving into the office Caesar people standing on a street free corner according to witnesses who were kind of supporting.

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