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Is i think there are a couple of ways to look at it mom the dealers yes fan i'm not gonna if you disagree with me i understand that but the jets have only had one franchise quarterback and he didn't last for twelve or thirteen years is then with joe louis namus um so the my question to you is two you are you okay with a guy who's around for ten years as opposed to twelve or thirteen it will be a friend's has been in for a while i that i saw okay so i i i seen such reasonable and therefore do you the only reason that you go to the establish five for three or four years is because you don't think can the available quarterback tool this year you have there is somebody who can last you for ten years i think our guys but they're not going to be able to get him unless they move uh and it's you can plug in wound quarterbacks you can use at tick the cylinder the whole i think i i see i i think that's that is absolutely true but it it ironic and i it's to me it seems obvious but is it an ironic that in in essence okay the giants and it's yes or needs zach saying physician yeah um okay now that's not well that dacha wish we're to follow the exception the giants were so bad that they have the number to fix right but book but serge yet if you if you make fat exception they're both in the same place i saw one of the list of a multi live with pera color could wind up one was the giants i was like oh man i didn't even think about that butcher but but but but it's it's it's viable right no absolutely i mean i gotta i gotta get to a break rate thanks for the call now no it's it's you know when it when i.

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