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Genies wildfire prevention adages these simply now considering a bill approved by the Senate this week it would require P. Jeannie to pay first spoiled food and other losses during blackouts the company's been given two weeks to present a new outage plan or face state takeover well this afternoon the Senate rejected calling witnesses in the president trump impeachment trial pushing one step closer to an acquittal vote let's go in depth the right now on this as we join ABC's legal analyst royal Oakes to explain what today's actions mean well one big question has been answered whether witnesses will be called and the answer is no but it is another question that we don't know the answer to and that's the timing of the vote because right now the Senate has to work on a resolution on the resolution will lay out the process for some final arguments to be made by both sides speeches by some of the senators they may want close to deliberations and then the announcement of the verdict now that could all happen in a matter of hours or it could make take many days and here's why the Democrats have the power to propose amendments to the resolution and debate them and delay them and what's happening is apparently the Democrats would like the final decision on the announcement to be after next week's state of the union address because they don't want trump have kind of a victory lap when he gives his state of the union speech so that's what still has to be decided we don't know whether it's going to happen very quickly in the next few hours or a day or two or if it's going to drag on for a week well the timing is so tricky because if as you say the Democrats want to spread this out and do it after the state of the union there are some Democrats who would like to be out campaigning for president right now well that's right because the Iowa caucuses of course are Tuesday and you're good Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar and others who very much would like to be relieved from their duty as jurors a but I think probably the the greater good from the Democrats standpoint is to look at the optics of this because everybody of course is looking out of the voting no the truck will be found not guilty they're looking at November how do the American voters perceive what happened in this impeachment trial do they sympathize with the Democrats who say this was a cover up what kind of a trial you have without witnesses order they sympathize with the Republicans who say can you believe the Democrats for three years they basically did nothing for you they just obsessed about Donald Trump those are the two diametrically opposed views and what goes on in the impeachment battle may influence where people come down on that fundamental disagreement no doubt and so with what we know this afternoon some people thought this would bring everything to a quick and a quick close because there weren't enough votes to call for witnesses but you're saying not so fast yeah not so fast in the sense that there could be some parliamentary maneuvering the Democrats have to strategize as to what they really want to get out of this do they want to delay it passed the state of the union is that gonna make them look petty again they have to keep their eye on the ball of November and there's no right or wrong answer is just a a lot of very skilled political professionals trying to figure out what's in the interest of their respective parties ABC's legal analyst royal Oakes there thank you so much you bet all right for twenty now let's get some traffic and weather together and we'll start in our traffic center with Bob Williams and this report is brought to us by farmers insurance let's go home to Roseville camp city freeway some slow and stop and go traffic in a sixteen minute ride between fifty and eighty ND eager slowest on AT eleven minutes out to Douglas Boulevard dismissed body flowing along the way seven five give the sluggish coming out the downtown area down to about four wrote a twenty three minute ride home over on the ninety nine side looking better about seventeen minutes but very heavy traffic south of elk Grove Boulevard down to near dealer road no word on any out road work for any instance going up but we're still seeing the slowing none the less Sloane heavy traffic coming out in mid town out to about what Avenue on eastbound fifty the right to full some currently at thirty eight minutes heading out to would look just twenty one minutes getting up a little sluggish traffic getting past the garden highway lot a sling on the southbound side coming out of woodland to about the airport and through the downtown area Hey the Davis at southbound five par leg is going to be slow seventeen minutes giving your home very heavy traffic on the eastbound side coming past Richard all the way into west Sacramento but the home and auto with farmers insurance and you could save an average of twenty percent we don't think or two about how to.

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