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Last night. And when he saw last night, was maybe the most pathetic thing I've seen this year from that team. In that they built the bulls committed Boston, 5 and one record Celtics looking good, fighting it out with him. They go through three quarters. They're up 19 points. In the third, in the third, they start the fourth up 14. What happens? They lose by what? 12. 14. They lost by 14 points. What was the fatal mistake? Well, they did not play good basketball. Yeah, right, exactly. And so what happened today was Marcus smart. I like to call him mark is smart. That's just 'cause I like it sounds better. Mark is smack called him out the two stars of the team, which are jaylen Brown and Jason and Jason Tatum. Because he says they got to look to pass the ball, you know? And I've been saying this to my son as for watching and he said, they try to force it down the middle, and then they get the ball knocked away or what have you. Or they go, they go to the three point land and they they don't play basketball. They don't play Celtics basketball they don't play James Naismith basketball. It's ridiculous. All you gotta do is if you're gonna go to the middle Jayson Tatum and bring three guys with you, triple team and your double team, 'cause their issue is to stop YouTube. You two js. Jason and Jalen, the other team knows we got to stop those guys. So the guy goes into the paint, three guys from. There's gonna be two guys open. When you do that, when there's three guys covering one guy, two guys are open, but they don't think like that. They think I make this basket and be a hero. It's insane. And sometimes they have 40 point games or whatever. I get that. They have big numbers, but they fucking lose. So they're not thinking like a team. They're not playing like a team, the coach doesn't have them prepped properly and the two stars of the game are selfish. I gotta say the word selfish. I think Marcus smart is a 100% correct when he talks about how they aren't getting it done. And it's terrible. My son says, that was a wasted time. He watched this the whole game. Every minute of it. Even when his 12 seconds left in their down 6, he goes, no, let's watch the end. What if he's got hopefulness of a young fan? He's 11. And it's killing him. So I'd kill him me, 'cause they're not playing basketball the way I remember it played. I miss being that like young sports fan where you have all that irrational hope. Yeah. Where it's like, all right. All we need is a three run Homer and a double. They're down 21 with a minute 15 left. All right, so this is what they need. They need a pick sex, they need to get the onside kick, score touchdown, get the outside kick in. Score another touchdown. This tight. And then we'll go over to them and it'll be all good. They can still wait. I miss that. But think about that one time when it really happened and you saw it. Yeah, well, that's right. And that's you have to hang your hope on that kind of thing. But this Celtics team is pretty much the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons. If you can't defend a 19 point lead in the third quarter, on your home court, well enough to survive the win. It's one thing for them to come back and maybe you win by three. No, they didn't do anything. They laid down. You let everybody stomp all over. It made me sick. Didn't happen to lose any money on that one. That adds to your disappointment. Yeah, you know who screwed me this weekend too with sports bets? The Cincinnati Bengals. I had three parlays because I had the bills, they covered. I had the rams, they covered. They won by 16 it was 14 and a half spread. I said, I'll do it anyway. All the Bengals had to do with minus four. They got whatever was against the jets. And they lose because you know why? 'cause the ref I can't get into it. Yeah, bring them down, Bill. Get them zen again. Come on, Mike. Excuse me. 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