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Got barbie finished now. We got a lot of rooms markets. John san hey. Mr one emoji johnny. Whip bo is here. Hey leshan hayes. Jones younger nut audrey a johnson earl collins in the building. What's up earl- valerie tie. May hey valerie natalie right here. Pamela do voice dealer. Low deborrah free ninety nine lesley miko harris allen swab mcallistair sonia. Murray darling oats misdee- happy birthday once again make love is here. Hey girl germania kill do the boss already got hit twice the godfather sola tracy race in the building. Julius gala shaw shabby a dawn's. May princess cox. Good morning mr robinson The real sakina scott is here my role monroe johnson and separating the lower iq marion tabart. Tiffany thomson drew taste. Queen diana's in the building you'll say mornings at the queen the net net. Serano is here. Hey girl here's your t you did not miss your shot out there you go. Maybe brian decide the terrible and the building deer. Ray jackson is here. Joe louis allen junior danya williams fabulous baby. Fae thomson seventy close sick. Howdy chiding tim. Harriet daryl lion. Tricky ways and jane hughes john j g gavin's just popped in. Hey john you guys are in the building that you know. If you're here you wanna get shot it out. Make sure yeah i know so i can get you from x. Ram veneta joys. Harry said there. She's absolutely right. The surest they had the bible in in the room. I think going out show. Have you wanna show cine body go more than a day but actually a utah. Listen i had to call you know. I heard the call. Good morning bobby. At morning chat rule man listed show on you. You talking about our good time our our good you you know because hit that now. Nine eight have getting locked up people going to jail if people taking baggage whole you know what. I'm saying when when when we doing this you figure if you will see that applaud jail or you went to the movies and you liked it out from the moment you started that movie or the jim. Okay where i'm going. I'm taking her here. We go in here and mcdonalds. That's what is because mcdonalds us able to buy lot. Did you know you know. You got that short-stay illicit in the ladies chat room. I know what i'm talking about. Both bodies was we a was no no if ands and buts going get out but when you were going out it was like bump into somebody short say every blinds and then if you want to the capri over the weinstein you say people like oh okay. I know but that outs over here. Man talking about listen and i think i think it was veneta. I mentioned the one the one that you are like. You dropped in the courtyard in the back. Of course the role that one man. I was coming out. That was the best. Yes listen all the second. Is it me bobby cologne. Tricky got his name before he started using from shore. Chance that you will pump it to somebody. Bobby got experience. This maybe your corona but when we were all young we all it was just that scenario where you would see somebody male or female with a. Hey how you doing might have someone who's made it was going on. Yes yes it was a lot going on. And i said it in a chat room and if we had a little money to splurge extra you went down to forty second street stay at the hotel the milky right and even there you people like. I got so quite like we can go to hide. There was no ago. And and bobby. He's right when you went to anyone. These hotels that we talk to our beloved trees and went to the joint down there on eleventh avenue fifteenth street. Now not bobby bobby. When you go to the short-stay bobby it was going down. This was nothing like you know. We just need to rest for the night and all that. No no no no. No no this one. I was like i say honorable mentions. That would like to say again leshan. Bronx definitely back in the day. What's a short stay. I stayed in the paradise right. Well thank you. Thank you brother i. I don't know but we live the same life pro. We grew up. Listen we still hear standing. Brotherly guys one kadoorie everybody will love it beloved tricky. Glad you guys had some phone with daddy. I think we talked about this dilemma. Nissen go back every once in a while said of course he's been to all least yeah yours. Of course it. I think the era we grew up in. I think that it was almost socially acceptable to do the short. Stay in i. I sympathize with few barbecue In my condolences for not experienced in so far in your life that sure stay shine. Don't feel bad for me but that you know probably using creep down there by midnight or two in the morning or back in the day would be even late at that point we get there like a torn them one three in the morning. This is how we used to get. Get their main accurate experience. The parking lot being pack cologne. Before you smash okay. Propane look does. He's ever then you can't you got news still.

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