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Said that she was a liar and she's fulla shit and she says making shit up so i you know being on twitter at really rug boy said yeah might be alive but until they say something to the contrary people are just gonna eat shit up and for some reason dramatic weenie got so mad pissing him up on twitter like he was pissed for just pointing out something that like unless somebody likes like she's a person that people watch and there's going to be a segment of people that are going to believe what she saying everybody's now piling on grace randolph saying that she's like a white supremacist races oh that's because we on this have you watched this video i only saw the title okay oh so let me i'll break that one thing i as much as i don't wanna like grace randall because if you don't know that names grace randall you don't know the name we talked about her two years ago she's like a movie reviewer okay she does video she's like she has like i really annoying voice but every once in a while she like has she makes good points how you remember her she's the woman who wanted to petition for a pg version of deadpool so that the ten year old kid can see it remember that oh god all right grace randolph so i immediately discredit any video but god the title of this video kathleen kennedy almost fired rugs kiss breakdown what was her what was the snippet that rugs bringing the videos she said that she had an inside source that they had there was a conference call meetings like that that involved not only lucasfilm but everybody that disney owns to see who could replace kathleen kennedy yup and people are like that conversation never happened how do you fucking know that someone said she has a source that says that that that's what have you the name or sorts of course and then she said jj hebrew abrahams turned down the position she says and some other people turned down the position she she has a good point in that she's like why not get dave baloney who runs star wars rebels with greg weisman they did all that they're really good wouldn't he like there's gotta be a bunch of people who would jump at but feels like data wanna take over this shit show i don't know i don't know so what do you think rocks is was what she say true or is she makes shit up i don't know if that exact meeting happened in the way she said it but guarantee that there's people second guessing kennedy right now the bob i your or somebody questioning it because like you've had multiple people reviewers whatever start the question including us is kathleen kennedy know what she's doing like all the movies that she works on there's always some kind of problem so and then you know she has this kind of this necked with the star wars fans so if you're on the side of that you want star wars to change and you wanted to be this new progressive star wars that's all political then you're on her side but if you're not then you're on another side so it's a weird divide but i do believe that there's a even the people who are losing money at lucasfilm or the star wars portion of disney whatever they call it i don't think they're very happy they lost money on solo they can't very happy that there's like negative karma going towards the last jedi i i don't think they really wanted divided fan base that hates each other so i think that that's not a good thing that's like what c did yep and in dc's been taking shit for the past year so dc's got walter hamada and he's trying to turn things around and it sounds like i like some of what he's doing where they're going this here though i honestly i'm not surprised that people have turned it down because think about.

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