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Each. Patrick Kane on the recent stretch of play, and I think we're playing hard. You know, A lot of guys are playing hard lot of guys there. Um Playing for the team wanted to do the right things out there. So, um Good atmosphere and Naga locker room and be nice to put a couple wins together to a swell. Um And keep quiet. Keep climbing up in the standings. Foxholes Columbus Tonight Blue Jackets lead the Central with nine points. Dallas is played just four games, winning them all. Hawks with seven points through eight games. Kevin Lincoln and starts in that pre games at 6 30 with Chris Boat and face off at seven with John and Troy College Hoops tonight, the Big 10 a top 25 matchup in Champagne number, 19, Illinois. Hosting seventh ranked Iowa, and it comes making a roster move for the second straight day. They've reportedly signed a deal with veteran outfielder Jack Peterson. One year deal worth around $7 million. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN Sports And now the W G M forecast calls increased tonight as our storm approaches from the West Tonight's low temperature. 25 degrees. A Winter Storm watch goes into effect Saturday at three PM expires, 6 P.m. Sunday We will see snow pulling into the area by Saturday evening winds up to about 35 MPH When they Gus so heavy snow will be likely it'll be drifting and blowing during the overnight and into early Sunday morning. Sunday's high temperature 32 degrees. All in all we're expecting between six and 10 inches of snow to come our way this upcoming weekend, little bit less south of I 80 On Monday. We'll see mostly cloudy skies at the 31 Tuesday for the 33 with mostly sunny conditions. I'm w G and meteorologist Beatrice Ivory and before we get to your money just to let you know there is a five o'clock press conference scheduled by Mayor Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson. They're expected to give an update On where talks stand between the teacher's union and the district. Your money on WGN.

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