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Panthers. Go first quarter fourth into the fifty north Turner dips into the bag of tricks, douse this up Christian McCaffrey the pass that goes for a touchdown. It's seven nothing Panthers vote. Right. Fourth quarter. Camara capping off the eleven play drive with a sixteen yard run to take the lead Panthers, though hung around down three that was one last chance. The drive ends with an incomplete past saints hold onto win there. Now one win away from clinching the one seat on the other side. The Panthers playoff hopes just about done here is Cam Newton after the game. Biggest is heartening for me. Just because so much invested time that you put any. I know you don't want to you don't play a role as game. But we just gotta be I got to be better. I got to be better. And that's that's what's so frustrating. When you want so bad, and you push. You you put so much on your plate. And you know, it doesn't come down to you. But at the end today just got a poacher into the bargain. Obviously my arm hasn't allow me to do a lot of practice. Been on a pitch count for for longtime. But it ended today, you know, it is was it is. But that's not that's not that's not know scapegoat. That's not something. I want people to bet me out on it. It's just something that is reality. Stink. Cam Newton spent a good deal that press conference talking about the shoulder. We don't know how long it's been bothering him. But what has happened to this team to not only came Newton put this Panthers offense? I mean think about this week one. They lose their starting left tackle. And they get a guy off the street who shows up Wednesday and then plays every play. Yes. On sunday. And again, we just talked about backup office of backup office of Lyman from reason, and they have the right tackle and training. Right. And so they lost a lot right tag on that and move the backup. Who's actually played moten is played really well over I take, but they have had a lot of issues up front. So that's been a big issue for them on the office of side of the ball. I will tell you about this. I appreciate the fact that Cam Newton is playing with a significant injury. And I will tell you how difficult it is to play when you're injured when you don't get to practice the difference between me. Playing injured in Cam Newton playing injured is there's a there's a difference there. Because the position I played even if I can't use great technique because I don't get to practice. And because I'm injured I can turn everything the position I played into a street fight. I can bloody your nose and the bottom line is. I mean, great out very well. But I won't cost my football team game. You can hide your injuries in that little phone, Brian because all the years you had of not practicing, and honing your craft as a guy who's gonna be injured is not going to be practice all the time, but steal the efficiency were expecting that. So but. Tricks. I would've but I look at the quarterback. I looked at the quarterback position man, you're out there in the open. And now all of a sudden, you gotta shoulder that's truly bothering you..

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