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Transmission observed no pfaender and engage them physical confrontation armed physical confrontation ensued command about was shot multiple times johnson says the suspect is in custody the weapon recovered it's still unclear if commander bauer was on duty or offduty and who fired the weapons ryan burrow abc news chicago the man who set off pressure cooker bombs in new york city as well as new jersey in two thousand sixteen will serve the rest of his life in prison ahmad khan rahimie a naturalized us citizen from afghanistan was giving multiple life sentences in a manhattan federal courtroom today rahimi was wounded himself during a shootout with police and captured shortly after the blast that wounded thirty in september of two thousand sixteen one expert thinks investigators could have plenty to work with as they try to find out who sent that letter with white powder to donald trump jr the letter mailed from boston turned out to contain cornstarch forensic science professor doctor lawrence koblenz ski with the john j college of criminal justice spoke with wbz's carl stephen the envelope shell has writing on it presumably there's a stamp uh and the envelope may or may not have been moistened uh with saliva to seal it um if they're so live on either the stamp of the envelope there's dna uh and that is a major factor in breaking the case you can hear more about what steps forensic scientists are taking to find out who male that letter check out our website wbz 1030 dot com the new york times may not be around in paper form within a decade or so and that is the opinion of the paper ceo cbs news business reporter jason brooks with detailed chris journalism is eulogy may not be far off in the making newark time ceo mark thompson told cnbc that he thinks his company's products may have another ten years of life hit like it to survive for as long as it can but says that the economics will determine when it no longer makes sense to keep the printing presses running the times.

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