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To the show relevant two things that i like to talk about because that really drives the show most of you all know that i love talking about the economy i love talking about legislation that's going to impact our lives and i love those kind of things i love talking about the connection between legislation and business because momma fifty years in the business world so shane to be sent me a list of stories that he thinks would be relevant along with audio to support some of those stories in our review at all sometimes the night before sometimes at four a m in amman corning and i wait sometimes the foyer him in the morning because when i read bad stores and mass stuff happening it'll keep me awake at night in all honesty so sometimes i'll go with an early in the morning at the same time so shanna be will of senate to me i'll go over it will we come into the studio uh i'll go over it again and if i need any addition shane beal said to you need a nothing else yeah i heard of certain person say this at 705 this morning on fox france could go pool that audio then shanta be has the ability to go pool some supplemental audio to supplement whatever it is the he has already sent me and then i will then go through my final thinking in terms of what i want to focus on what i want a hot what do i want to highlight for the show today obviously for the less obvious had we been folks ahmad owned attack new tax plan and we're going to continue to talk about that as it unfolds and as it progresses and then at about ten all.

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