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Ends. So that may reading the tea leaves that might mean that he's maybe not gonna start the season with the lightning despite having a very good camp. But for guys like Joseph and Volkov, it's not only where they fit, but they're still you know, needing to show that they deserve to start the season on this team. Or, you know, even if they do deserve it. They still get the spot. They probably done enough to deserve it. Kaley. But they have a lot to play for tonight. A final audition they do. And I think it says a lot Dave the way you said Tony's Torelli can play on the fourth line Gorka could plan the fourth line. I think last season we saw the Lightning's depth, obviously, it was really hard for other teams to match up against who don't have the same depth. So for them to have twenty-five goalscorer ignani gore play on the third or fourth line. That's something that speaks volumes. And I think that they're thinking, maybe even Danny Martell. Could he potentially be somebody who can play that Yanni Gord as type of game or Matthew Joseph is his speed in deception and his skill which I think he's. Proven that's grown tremendously. After his first year. Pro I think the coaching staff has recognized it and discuss it as well as it something where they can really key in on those third and fourth line. So it should be interesting. Like, you said to see who can slot in there because they have a lot of depth there. And that's always been one of their strengths. And so we'll see what it remains to be seen whether or not Joseph or Volkov have shown enough to show that they can compete at the NHL level on a daily on a nightly basis. Guys. I mean, I think all preseason the the goaltending has been pretty solid specifically Lewis again, the backup gold center. So interesting because you can have confidence in your backup goaltender particularly on. The road is still some wins for that does a lot for your team, doesn't it? And also takes the workload off Andrei vasilevskiy this year. I'm going to be really curious how they map out..

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