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It was difficult. It was just kind of day-to-day kind of making it work. What if I'm that we have to do? Where what are the kids need to do that? How remainder I work at the same time, Bronson crew says health risks for in-person learning or a big concern. Her Weiss Immune system has been compromised after overcoming cancer and with her family being African American. There's added worries with the Corona. Virus known to affect black people disproportionately. Education Minnesota State's largest teacher's Union says a survey of its members found that nearly half preferred a continued distance learning others including state. Republican leaders have pushed harder for schools to reopen their doors. Even before the pandemic Americans wasted about forty percent of the food, we produce two hundred and eighteen billion dollars worth each year now, a report from the nonprofit ref- fed says that the pandemic has worsened the problem. Problem of food waste, but may also lead to a smarter more Nimble food supply. The COVID, nineteen US food system review found that farms were devastated when demand from restaurants, cruise, ships and airlines evaporated overnight Jackie sluggish from referred says thousands of tons of excess food had to be destroyed the inconsistencies and that supply and demand drive a lot of uncertainty in decision, making and uncertainty. Almost place I'm Suzanne Potter. This is PMS. And as Virginia Andruzzi, third phase of its covid nineteen recovery this week. Some nursing homes finally are lifting restrictions for visitors AARP Virginia wants visitors eager to see loved ones for the first time in months to take needed precautions. Jim Data, with the Organization says folks need to prepare themselves to make sure their visits are safe. He says the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has provided facilities with recommendations about resuming in person visits and people should ask nursing homes questions about this guidance include. Has It been lease twenty eight days without a new covid nineteen case in the facility? Are there declining cases in the surrounding community and And, of course, our regular testing opportunities for residents, he adds that one of the most critical issues to ask about is whether the facility has adequate supplies of personal protective equipment for staff and visitors. Folks also should inquire about required health checks I'm Diane. Bernard as July. The Fifteenth One, thousand, one hundred and eighty cove in nineteen deaths occurred at long term care facilities in Virginia according to state data. That's almost sixty percent of the total cova deaths reported in the Commonwealth. While life managers in Wyoming moving forward to combat chronic wasting disease deer, elk and Moose hurts after the Wyoming game and fish commission approved a new statewide management plan, state, game and fish department director. Brian. Nesovic says managers can pick and choose from new tools in their tool kits. Because herds in different areas face unique challenges, some areas might see expanded hunting harvests for example to call infected animals. Really this plan was intended to provide a list of different options that wildlife managers out on the ground could use to apply to management to meet objectives in those hers scattered all around the state in other areas, controversial.

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