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Governor's office of highway safety says they also talked to more than four hundred forty designated drivers very good numbers and we saw an increase on that to do a huge amount almost by hundred he says the number of miners arrested for drinking was also significantly less than last year all right so it was kind of an awkward and smelly night of dishes on american idol this contest and brought her dog peekapoos and let's just say the pup lived up to its name every time the girl started to seeing the dog decided to the dog is taken a poop that was a reflection on her talent or not judges katy perry luke bryan and lionel richie did make light of it though ktar news time eight oh seven skipping this version of american idol now all right here's detour dan tell you about the kaku on the road well before i even put my foot in it let me tell you that we've already got ourselves one freeway crash but that's it man it's mostly about the ride times the one rec it's a minor one northbound one zero one price at the warner exit ramp you'll see it off to the right but all these other wrecks service street related at this point state route three fortyseven near riggs indian school eastbound at fifty nine th avenue the left lane is blocked and lower buckeye at sixty seventh avenue just east up a crash there traffic lights reportedly flashing in the rat over at fifty first avenue in peoria and a couple of other crashes fifty nine th avenue lower buckeye fifty nine th avenue south of indian school and bethany home road east of fifteenth avenue carbon q wrapping up though road in l meraj this traffic report brought to you by kinetico water kinetico water is scientifically proven to soften water switch from a scam does something that really works and receive a trading credit visit connecticut easy dot com or call six zero two nine hundred.

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