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Yeah right yes there is something I know you're going through that they would are you gonna call her what do you call it thank you for having my back like that she is if you come back in here I would always tell me she is a yeah you've been on the phone it's not ready for that nor are we ever ready for winter the market is called man and and and and thank you for giving us is going down once again thank you for the by family members on the is there with him yeah that was you make you think he makes is going down to defeat one as I've been able to pick one that's gonna like this man I got rocky ridges high fashion then let's do the weekend without heartless both coming up in this Mickey Vicky mix sounds good in the neighborhood and also do stick around your radios on a double someone your trip because you haven't registered as of yet so make sure you don't want to real ninety two three L. A. dot com the word bankroll once again real ninety two three L. A. dot com he worked his bankroll could be calling out your name this could be us but you too all right now on your radio eight twenty going up the next neighbor bankroll Big Boy another one we live in today and again I just can't you know what I'm saying can't get it the agent.

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