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Managers touch they've got situations that require more managing and again i'm not a knock on tito's don't be yelling at me from cleveland my favorite team had him first and the red sox beverage at a let him go after hours of lord fear on cbs sports radio so just three tweeted who should win the american league badger dear this is tough do you guys have any thoughts on this because we've sorority they had a headstart last year with the young guys and he's the catcher and he's so smart any he's in the public eye all the time molitor is a i almost want to vote for him simply because the twins or that story that you love one hundred three losses a year ago and here they are about to clinch a playoff spot but but hingis had some different circumstances that had nothing to do with baseball what are you guys think it's a tough e malta or is my pick for a long time and then i just think this incredibly hard run the indians have been on has been so impressive owners job and i just think if we step back from expectations just say who is the best manager in the american league right now i think it's terry francona but it's not the best manager it's been a year who who was the best manager this year in the america's was i think it was terry francona isaac what do you think you convince ready to go with the twins moon thank you i feel like that's good work by me considering on home show that it's a little dicillo touching go there is not always good work thank you i appreciate that okay so at a law radio we've got three different polls after hour cbs absolutely you can go there and find all of our polls because that's our show twitter account and that's also the place that you can post your questions for ask amy anything facebook page to after hours with amy lords coming up we joke about gugel all the time but why do i tell you what role google played in this fbi investigation into.

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