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On hundreds of vehicles at Chevrolet. Buick GMC Up, you all up, Find a better buying experience at Chevrolet Buick GMC of pula dot com. Well, enjoy the dry conditions today because the rest of the week it'll be went up to an inch of rain Expected tomorrow partly cloudy today. Eyes nearing 70 right now, 61 degrees outside the Carter Subaru Studios. I'm Erin Granola for breaking news highlights, Podcasts and Mohr download the Cairo radio at Cairo radio here for what's next. Thank you so much for listening to the GM. Ursula's show. We're now learning more about the inconsistent statements made by law enforcement following the death by police of Manny Ellis into coma. And also how our state's mental health care system failed him. Joining us now is Seattle Times reporter Patrick Malone, who's been digging into the Manny Ellis case. Good morning, Patrick. Good morning. Thanks for having me. Thank you for joining us. So first of all, I want to commend you for your great work. I read your first piece over the weekend. And your headline for that is that the Tacoma police investigation was flawed from the start. For our listeners who are not that familiar with the case or who haven't read your piece if you could briefly explain. Why it was flawed from the beginning. Sure. Well, just for a quick background. Manulis was walking himself to coma and the late on the night of March 3rd when there was an encounter with police, and that's where the contradictions began. Police were very quick to put out statements that characterized Mr Ellis as aggressive as trying to enter ah occupied vehicles at an intersection and that that was observed by police. They killed. The Police department put out that statement initially, and the investigation after Mr Ellis died in police custody from lack of oxygen was taken over by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Quickly echoed those same statements that Mr Ellis was the aggressor and that this was just unfortunate accident that resulted from his aggression towards officers. But as time went on, a couple of eye witnesses came forward and even at videos And while they didn't have the beginning of the interaction between Mr Ellis and officers, neither did officers because to coma, at least not yet doesn't have Lapel cams on their officers. So when these eye witnesses came forward, you know, one of them expressed in an interview that was video recordings shared with the media by the Ellis family lawyer that he even questioned himself because he wasn't sure that police were referring to the same incident that he saw because their description was so different. ERM what He's both He and the second witness who also had video recording say they have an identical story that police pulled up close to Mr Ellis swung open a car door knocked him to the ground. And the beating commenced, And from that point it is on video. So you know we wanted to kind of take a look at the differences first between what police said and what I witnesses said in there, they're miles apart. So Patrick. I wanted to get your reaction to something that Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman, Ed Troyer told us about how Tacoma police came into conflict with Ellis and what happened during that arrest. So this is this is something that you spoke to, But this is specifically what he said He was having distressing the intersection. They asked him if he was all right, needed help. He walked up to the Tacoma Place officers is that I have warrants. I need to talk. Soon as a police officer got out of a car he assaulted. One of them.

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